WOM Tip #223: Owning your mistakes is just as remarkable as fixing them

Blue Bell Ice Cream has had a rough year with food contamination and massive recalls. But what has been unique about this company’s misfortune is the outpouring of support from Blue Bell fans and employees. People really love this company.

And Blue Bell has made it easy to see why with their open and authentic communication throughout the crisis. They’ve posted videos of an apology from their President and CEO, messages from long-time employees thanking their supporters, and an explanation for how they’ll make things right.

A heartfelt message from our employees from Blue Bell Creameries on Vimeo.

Their most recent video is titled “An Agonizing Decision” and shows their President and CEO explaining why recent layoffs were the most difficult decision of his life since getting back on their feet has taken longer than they expected.

It’s the kind of transparency most companies would avoid. But because they chose to tell their own story, in their own words, it’s earned Blue Bell even more respect and trust from their customers.


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  1. lisa

    This clearly illustrates the difference between a company that has made errors, some of them serious, and a company that operates in a culture of misinformation and us vs. them.

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