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WordofMouth.org is the place for word of mouth thought leaders to share their passion, ideas, and insight. Our mission is to promote the word of mouth movement.

We’re the evangelists for evangelism. We give regular folks the tools and ideas they need to be great at word of mouth marketing. This is a home for teachers who want to help others embrace word of mouth.

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We’re the sister site to SocialMedia.org, which represents 375 billion-dollar brands.

About the site

WordofMouth.org is full of practical, how-to advice to get word of mouth for your company, cause, or idea. You’ll love our free videos, articles, case studies, and newsletters. You’ll learn to get fans talking about you by earning their respect and recommendation.

It’s the place where word of mouth’s big thinkers share their passion for one big idea: Companies that make people happy are more successful. We’ll teach you how to make your customers fall in love (and tell their friends).

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