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WOM Tip #333: Give talkers with big networks something to brag about

Jack White’s record shop, Third Man Records in Nashville, offers a vinyl recording experience to local school choirs and bands. The field trips include a tour of the of the shop, a Q&A session with their Head of Production, and a professional recording of the school’s music on vinyl. Now that’s how you get kids…

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WOM Tip #422: Assist your customers in the “humble brag”

We all know a “humble brag” when we see one. People love to share their accomplishments and look good in front of their friends, but it’s better if they can do it without looking like they’re explicitly bragging. So GrubHub helps their customers out with a discount for being a great tipper. GrubHub sends their…

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WOM Tip #381: Give surprise and delight a longer shelf life

In Canada, one neighborhood woke up to find their cars barricaded by feet of snow. But luckily, Subaru had secretly stuck branded snow shovels in the piles of snow next to 500 cars the night before. Now, a whole neighborhood has a warm and fuzzy story about Subaru to tell — and a whole neighborhood…

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WOM Tip #476: Some of the best sharing tools are the low-budget ones

To promote their movie, Unfinished Business, Twentieth Century Fox photoshopped the movie’s celebrities, Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco, into cheesy office stock photos. Big blockbuster movies have some of the most outlandish marketing budgets of all time. So why does this relatively low-budget marketing stick out? It’s funny, the photos are free to download and…

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WOM Tip #212: Show your fans exactly how to contribute to word of mouth

Nature’s Variety, a pet food brand, asked adopted-dog owners to share photos of their dogs to help them create a crowdsourced short film raising awareness for pet adoption. And if there’s anything dog owners love to do, it’s share photos of their dogs. A campaign like this taps into that pride and gives people the…

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WOM Tip #462: One simple change can refresh the conversation about your stuff

Like most well-known and well-liked products, burgers have a problem: You have to do something a little extra to make them worth talking about. But you don’t have to do a complete overhaul to inspire word of mouth about a product that people don’t talk much about. For example, to cause a stir, Burger King…

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WOM Tip #431: People talk about companies that treat their employees well

It’s a sad fact that not everyone expects retail employees to like their jobs. People say stuff like, “Well that’s working in retail for you.” So when people actually love their jobs in these industries, it’s something to talk about. And the word of mouth doesn’t just come from happy employees — outsiders take notice…

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WOM Tip #386: Everyone loves a hidden gem

You know that feeling you get when you discover some cool new restaurant? Or when you tell your friends about a shop they’ve never heard of? That feeling is a huge word of mouth motivator. People love to look cool and adventurous in front of their friends. So they love being the first to tell…

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