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WOM Tip #298: Make invisible stories visible

Amazing things happen in your store and at your company all the time. But it’s not always easy to spread those amazing stories to everyone else. One way to do it: Give those stories a visual cue. Put something on the wall that starts conversations. Here’s one inspiring example: At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia,…

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WOM Tip #199: Put word of mouth tools in every package you send

The best thing you can do to help your customers remember to talk about you is to put something in their hands to share. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive — but it does have to be remarkable. For example, Sock It to Me places a funny…

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WOM Tip #145: Your influencers can show up in unexpected places

Sarah Horne, a children’s book illustrator in London, got IKEA’s attention when she shared her doodles superimposed over the company’s furniture catalogue in her portfolio. But instead of sending her cease and desist letters, IKEA hired her as their first-ever children’s illustrator in residence. It’s a cool story, so plenty of publications shared it. But…

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WOM Tip #216: Build sharing into a benefit

Book lovers have had complaints about e-readers like Kindles and Nooks for a long time now. It’s why these companies have introduced stuff like page-turning functions and note-taking capabilities that mimic the real thing. In fact, Kindle’s most recent update includes another analog benefit: sharing. The new software allows users to share their Amazon library…

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WOM Tip #143: Prove you’re that good

The word “best” gets thrown around a lot. Everyone likes to claim it, but it’s not always easy to prove. Why do the Allstars, a cover band in the Netherlands, say they’re the “world’s best cover band?” Because they can fool Shazam, the app you can use to identify songs and artists solely from the…

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WOM Tip #244: More generous is more remarkable

Lots of companies give you gifts to pass on to your friends. In exchange for your referral, your friend might get a discount, a gift card, a free appetizer, whatever. But if you refer a friend to Evernote, they’ll give your friend one year of Evernote Premium for free. A whole year? That’s pretty cool…

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WOM Tip #478: Own your mistakes to make the solution that much better

When most companies screw something up, they want to fix the problem so fast you forget it ever happened — which is great. But sometimes, owning up to the problem can be just as remarkable as making it right. For example, before Hootsuite, a social media management tool, updated their dashboard design, people hated it….

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WOM Tip #124: You don’t need a stunt to pull off word of mouth

We’ve seen vending machines do a lot in the past couple of years. We’ve seen them give Canadians free beer, dispense salad and dinnerware, and even send messages of world peace. But what if a vending machine was just a vending machine? What if a vending machine dispensed snacks in exchange for money? That was…

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