Video: Why HGTV’s broadcasting company took advice from Vanilla Ice on improving their customers’ experience

“Stop, collaborate, and listen.” You know the song. You know the hit 90’s rapper. But did you know that these Vanilla Ice lyrics inspire how Scripps Networks, the company behind HGTV, listens to their customers? Keeping track of your customers’ conversations is a huge part of word of mouth marketing, and social media has made…

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Video: Why including your customers can save your business

You’ve got a great, new idea to improve your stuff, make a little more money, and beat your competition. But before you hit the launch button, did you ask your customers about it? According to Mark Hurst, Founder and CEO of Creative Good and author of Customers Included, it’s a crucial step so many companies…

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Video: How Hallmark turned around negative word of mouth when Jingle “lost his bark”

If you searched Google for Hallmark’s Jingle puppy after Christmas 2013, you’d find 2.5 star reviews on the first page of results, angry rants about it on Facebook, 20 scathing reviews on Amazon, and crying kids in YouTube videos. Woah, how did this all happen? According to Camille Lauer, Hallmark’s Social Media Manager, it’s all…

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Video: How Paychex got employees to share the (right) word of mouth message

Many business have a fear that if they ask employees to talk about them, the wrong message might come out. That’s especially true with social media. For Joe Schaeffer, Paychex’s Social Program Manager, that fear came with a social media push on their employees’ most popular event of the year, simply called, Conference. According to…

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Video: How JCPenney got all eyes on them during the Super Bowl with some misspelled tweets

Taking risks isn’t the easiest word of mouth strategy. And that’s especially true for big corporations in social media. That’s why Sean Ryan, JCPenney’s Director of Digital Marketing, says friends, family, and strangers asked if he was fired after a risky campaign his team pulled off during the last Super Bowl. In his presentation at…

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Video: How REI earns advocates with user-generated content

Some companies are afraid of asking their customers to share content with them: What about the legal requirements for using their photos in marketing? What if no one wants to participate? Or worse, what if it’s just no good? According to Lulu Gephart, REI’s Manager of Social and Earned Media, user-generated content is nothing to…

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Video: Why Wendy’s focuses on what the customer wants for word of mouth

Brandon Rhoten, Wendy’s Director of Digital and Social Media, says their number-one rule for voice and tone in social media is to talk to people how, when, and where they want. What does that mean? As he explains in his presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, it means letting your customer set the tone for the…

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Video: How Lowe’s practices restraint when joining in on social media conversations

You’ve heard it before: You have to go where your customers are to start word of mouth conversations. But maybe you haven’t heard this before: You don’t have to follow your customers everywhere. At’s Brands-Only Summit, Brad Walters’ presentation title, “OMG Look! An Emerging Social Media Platform! Hurry, Let’s Jump on It!” explains where…

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