Video: How proactive listening helps Express Scripts avoid negative word of mouth

Negative reviews happen to everyone. No company is perfect. But what if you had an early alert system on negative word of mouth to help you could fix the problem faster? In her presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Riddhi Trivedi-St. Clair, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Express Scripts, explains how companies can do it…

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Video: How Leggett & Platt used a rap video to talk about mattress springs

One of the biggest complaints from marketers is that their product is too boring or too run-of-the-mill for people to want to talk about it. But the great thing about word of mouth marketing is, you don’t have to have a “sexy” product for it to work. For example, Leggett & Platt makes the springs…

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Video: How to share the right content to influence your customers

According to LinkedIn Director of Data Science and Data Engineering Lutz Finger, the way people see influence is usually wrong. Some marketers wait for that one magic influencer to take their message and help it “go viral.” But, Lutz says, virality is constant and doesn’t decide to become more viral over time. Instead, he says…

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Video: How First Republic Bank makes business better by listening to their customers

Like in any relationship, to get your customers to love you and want to talk about you, you have to listen to them first. But it’s more complicated than just tracking what people say about your company. According to Kathleen Fetters, First Republic Bank’s Social Media Intelligence Executive, getting the most out of listening means…

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Video: Why HGTV’s broadcasting company took advice from Vanilla Ice on improving their customers’ experience

“Stop, collaborate, and listen.” You know the song. You know the hit 90’s rapper. But did you know that these Vanilla Ice lyrics inspire how Scripps Networks, the company behind HGTV, listens to their customers? Keeping track of your customers’ conversations is a huge part of word of mouth marketing, and social media has made…

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Video: Why including your customers can save your business

You’ve got a great, new idea to improve your stuff, make a little more money, and beat your competition. But before you hit the launch button, did you ask your customers about it? According to Mark Hurst, Founder and CEO of Creative Good and author of Customers Included, it’s a crucial step so many companies…

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Video: How Hallmark turned around negative word of mouth when Jingle “lost his bark”

If you searched Google for Hallmark’s Jingle puppy after Christmas 2013, you’d find 2.5 star reviews on the first page of results, angry rants about it on Facebook, 20 scathing reviews on Amazon, and crying kids in YouTube videos. Woah, how did this all happen? According to Camille Lauer, Hallmark’s Social Media Manager, it’s all…

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Video: How Paychex got employees to share the (right) word of mouth message

Many business have a fear that if they ask employees to talk about them, the wrong message might come out. That’s especially true with social media. For Joe Schaeffer, Paychex’s Social Program Manager, that fear came with a social media push on their employees’ most popular event of the year, simply called, Conference. According to…

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