Video: Why EMC cut back on their social media accounts

Creating a repeatable word of mouth message takes keeping it simple — for any company, big or small. The more confusing your brand message looks, the harder it is for your customers to tell people about you. That’s why, at EMC Corporation, they had a problem. With over 100 company Twitter accounts — all with…

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Video: Why you have to make yourself useful to your customer

Lowe’s Vine videos usually feature at-home DIY projects that you can do without a trip to the store, like turning an empty milk jug into a watering can. Why share tips like these that might prevent people from buying an actual watering can from Lowe’s? Because their Vine strategy is about giving their customers something…

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Video: How Coca-Cola turned customer feedback into a sold-out product

One group of fans couldn’t be clearer about what they wanted Coca-Cola to do: Bring back their discontinued 90’s hit, Surge. In fact, these Surge fans didn’t just have a Facebook group for the movement, they also bought a billboard outside of Coke’s headquarters to relay the request. For Natalie Johnson, Coca-Cola’s Social Media Manager,…

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Video: How your employees can help your company become a powerful influencer

You know that your employees are a big factor in why people trust your company. But did you know that people are twice as likely to buy your stuff if they’re recommended from an employee’s social media presence than from traditional marketing? That’s why, according to Susan Emerick, author of The Most Powerful Brand on…

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Video: How Autodesk earned back the community they lost to Facebook

In the past, Autodesk relied heavily on Facebook to make connections with their customers. So when the platform changed its policies, their ability to reach customers plummeted. To build back relationships with their customers and create a sense of belonging to the brand, Autodesk had to reboot their community strategy. In his presentation at’s…

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Video: How proactive listening helps Express Scripts avoid negative word of mouth

Negative reviews happen to everyone. No company is perfect. But what if you had an early alert system on negative word of mouth to help you could fix the problem faster? In her presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Riddhi Trivedi-St. Clair, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Express Scripts, explains how companies can do it…

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Video: How Leggett & Platt used a rap video to talk about mattress springs

One of the biggest complaints from marketers is that their product is too boring or too run-of-the-mill for people to want to talk about it. But the great thing about word of mouth marketing is, you don’t have to have a “sexy” product for it to work. For example, Leggett & Platt makes the springs…

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Video: How to share the right content to influence your customers

According to LinkedIn Director of Data Science and Data Engineering Lutz Finger, the way people see influence is usually wrong. Some marketers wait for that one magic influencer to take their message and help it “go viral.” But, Lutz says, virality is constant and doesn’t decide to become more viral over time. Instead, he says…

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