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Live coverage recap from yesterday’s Word of Mouth Crash Course

The Word of Mouth Crash Course was a thrilling experience. Brilliant speakers, fantastic attendees, and the support of amazing partners and sponsors made for one awesome day. And thanks to the help of our official (and truly talented) live bloggers — Connie Reece, Eric Highland, James Dalman, Joseph Holguin, Wesley Faulkner, and Yola Blake — we’ve…

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Case Study: Louisville Slugger

4:30 — Cale Johnson introduces imc2‘s Chief Strategy Officer, Mark McKinney. 4:31 — McKinney gives us an overview of The Sweetest Spot Program – The Drop. Louisville Slugger sells bats to high school and colleges. How do you select a bat when they are all pretty much the same? “You’ve got one chance to sell…

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Case Study: Boeing

4:30 — Erin McDaniel introduces Boeing‘s Communications/Social Media Director, Todd Blecher. 4:31 — 4:32 — “Why is Boeing using social media”? 4:33 — We are using it to raise brand awareness. 4:34 — “Text from Hillary” is based on a photo taken on a Boeing C-17. 4:35 — The founders road the wave of popularity…

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Case Study:

3:50 — Kurt Vanderah introduces‘s President & CEO, Mike Faith. 3:51 —  FREE HEADSET GIVEAWAY!  Am I eligible? 3:51 — 649,132 is their customer company accounts. In the early days they spent a lot of money on traditional marketing, but they’ve shifted to new marketing. They tend not to use social media however. 3:52 — Three Ways…

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Case Study: Movember

3:50 — Erin McDaniel introduces Movember‘s Digital Strategist, Kory Klem. 3:51 — Movember ~ Changing the Face of Men’s Health. 3:52– In 2003 3o Mo Bros sat around and wondered what happened to the mustache culture. 3:53– In 2004 that same group decided to create Movember, which would bring awareness to men’s health. That first year…

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Case Study: Costco

3:50 — Cale Johnson introduces Costco‘s Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, Robin Ross. 3:51 — Trick question: Have you seen the new Costco commercial? They don’t exist. Costco runs on a business model that is fueled on Word Of Mouth Marketing. 3:52 — We are getting a brief history of Costco. 5:53 — Why WOM?…

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Case Study: Discovery Communications

2:50 — Erin McDaniel introduces Discovery Communications‘ Social Media Manager, Kristen Variola. 2:51 — Today we are talking about Cake Boss! Cake boss is a fan favorite on TLC, and has been online since 2009. 2:53– Discovery connects with fans on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Facebook is currently the biggest channel with 4.1 million likes. 2:54–…

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Case Study: Maker’s Mark

2:10 — Erin McDaniel introduces Doe-Anderson‘s President and CEO, Todd Spencer 2:11 — 2:12 — Bill Samuels, Sr. was the inventor of Maker’s Mark. 2:14 — “Anything that can be said about a good whiskey has already been said about a bad whiskey.” 2:15 —  In the beginning the market demographic we focused on are…

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