Case Study:

3:50 — Kurt Vanderah introduces‘s President & CEO, Mike Faith.

3:51 —  FREE HEADSET GIVEAWAY!  Am I eligible?

3:51 — 649,132 is their customer company accounts. In the early days they spent a lot of money on traditional marketing, but they’ve shifted to new marketing. They tend not to use social media however.

3:52 — Three Ways They’ve Gotten WOM

  • We ride current events.
  • We give things away.
  • We exclude people.

3:54 — California banned the use of using cell phones. gave away products to people who got tickets for using their cell phones without a headset. It generated a lot of publicity across the United States. They even gave one to Maria Shriver because she got busted by the police for using her cell phone without a headset while driving!

3:55 — They had a promotion that tied in with the “Boy in the Balloon” – the kid who was hiding in his attic but was thought to be trapped inside an air balloon. Don’t let this special blow away!

3:57 — ran a promotion that if you got their headset logo tattooed on you, they would give you a free headset for life. Yes, people did get the tattoos! Sometimes you have to push the edge with your marketing ideas.

4:01 — They sent two iPads to David Cameron and it generated millions of dollars of exposure for roughly $1,200 of investment.

4:03 — Get people talking – another common theme throughout this awesome conference. If you can do something to get people talking it will go a long way!

4:05 — 649, 132 … customers acquired mostly because of word of mouth marketing. Loving the customers is another strong value and core of business.

Questions and Answers Section

What is the most hair brained idea they came up with that went down (or almost) in flames? Mike says the Ballon Boy campaign may be one that touched a nerve and caused concerns.

What was the epiphany that moved them away from discounted products as a main value? They decided they wanted to focus on excellent customer service instead of discounts.

Why are headsets better? Mike cracks some great jokes! He says if you want to know this, he will mail you a sales pitch.

Send your great marketing ideas to [email protected]. You could get Tootsie Rolls, a headset, or an iPad!

Another awesome session! Hope you watch this one.


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Fueled with a fiery and rebellious spirit, James has worked with billion-dollar brands to small businesses across the globe to improve their brand experiences and designs. He is a 25-year veteran who is passionate about helping off-the-wall brands tell their stories to the world. James currently offers his expertise as a brand consultant and free agent designer. He also speaks on branding, design, and entrepreneurship.

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