Case Study: Boeing

4:30 — Erin McDaniel introduces Boeing‘s Communications/Social Media Director, Todd Blecher.


4:32 — “Why is Boeing using social media”?

4:33 — We are using it to raise brand awareness.

4:34 — “Text from Hillary” is based on a photo taken on a Boeing C-17.

4:35 — The founders road the wave of popularity to great success.

4:37 — Bruce Springsteen has E Street nation as a crowd engagement network.

4:40 — Bruce loves his audience. When performs he crowd surfs and chugs beers with fans.

4:41 — When you trust your fans that creates great word of mouth.

4:43 — Treat community members as partners.

4:44 — PR and marketing need to work together.

4:45 — One of the 787 test flights was flown in a pattern of the numbers 787 and the Boeing logo.

4:46 — This was not announced, but discovered on FlightAware.

4:47 — It got over 10,000 recommends online five days later, and got in the New York Times.


4:49 — Q: Does Boeing do any outreach in the community or with education groups?

4:50 — A: We do, but we need to do it more. We participate in STEM, but we haven’t a good job giving them access to more of our engineers.

4:51 — Q: How do you determine what content is interesting to your audience?

4:52 — A: They tell us. They like to see a lot of planes and pictures. One of the most successful post was a picture of a security dog in a seat on the 787. Earth day posts and working in developing countries are items we want to get out, but they get very little attention.

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Wesley's experience spans multiple facets of the technology industry, from manufacturing to product development. His passion for technology was fostered through over 13 years of experience in technical and customer service support, field engineering, and digital media entertainment development. Recently, Wesley has become a rising player in the social media scene; he has been a featured guest on several web media outlets such as CNET and ManiaTV. As part of the Social Media Counsel, and then as a Social Media Evangelist, he assisted in the development of AMD's social media strategy and helped discover new business partnerships. Wesley's previous employers include Applied Materials, Integrated Devices, Dell, AMD and Snoball. Wesley currently on the board of the Austin chapter of Social Media Club and is the Founder of WordRipple.

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