Case Study: Movember

3:50 — Erin McDaniel introduces Movember‘s Digital Strategist, Kory Klem.

3:51 — Movember ~ Changing the Face of Men’s Health.

3:52– In 2003 3o Mo Bros sat around and wondered what happened to the mustache culture.

3:53– In 2004 that same group decided to create Movember, which would bring awareness to men’s health. That first year the event was based in Australia.

3:54– By 2007 the Movember event came to the United States.

3:55– Key Success Factors:

  • Movember created a vocal, dedicated and influential group.
  • They have a meaningful and relevant message.
  • Movember works to create a mix of online and offline WOM.
  • Creates brotherhood

3:57– The whole notion of growing a mustache creates many chances to spread WOM.

3:58– Awareness > Funds

3:59– By running Movember it helps to build awareness of men’s health issues. This encourages men to see the doctor more.

4:02– Movember works to create social media tools to help spread the cause. Mo Space is Movember’s own social profiles that help to showcase a participants efforts. This also helps to build teams and encourage competition between participants to raise money.

4:04–Movember is starting to use mobile applications to make building awareness and fundraising on the go.

4:05– Social media has given the opportunity for the Movember to spread socially.

4:07– Images are a big part of showcasing the Movember experience. This is great across all social media channels.

4:08– Traditional media also has become a good part of Movemeber. It creates awareness and spreads WOM.

Q & A

What does Movember do the other 9 months out of the year?

Movember works most of the year to get ready for November. Most of the time they are working to spread the funds that were collected, and building the awareness campaign for the current year.

How do celebrity endorsements help?

Movember really doesn’t work to get celebrities. But when we do, we try to encourage them to reach out to their social graphs.

Does Movember do anything outside of tier 1 countries?

Movember right now is only in tier 1 countries that has one men’s health partner. We are looking to spread heavily into others, but right now we focus on the larger communities. We do have groups all over the world raising money and working to help build awareness.

What informational materials does Movember use to build awareness?

Movember works to educate a lot via We also have printed materials that we share, and we send party supplies if people want to sponsor a party. For the most part the website is packed with information to educated people. We are also working to make our mobile application a way  to help people spread awareness on the go.

What fundraising models does Movember use?

90% of fundraising comes through But there are others around the world who collect cash and mail in checks. For the most part all of our fundrasing activities go through the

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