Steve Farber on “The Radical Leap: Re-Energized”

1:30 — Erin McDaniel introduces Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap Re-Energized: Doing What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do.


1:32 –The study of creating cultures of leadership.

1:33 — The key element that separates an extreme leader from the rest is heart.

1:35 — Do what you love in the service of people, and add value to their lives.

1:36 — When people love what you do, then you are an extreme leader.

1:38 — Love is where the repeat business comes from and the forgiveness when you make a mistake.

1:39 — Make your customer love you. Take you out to dinner love you. Meet the wife and kids love you.

1:40 — I went to a bank and got a few thing notarized. The woman completed the task and I asked her, how much do I owe you? She replied and said that it is free to all our customers. But I’m not a customer. She replied, don’t worry about it, maybe someday you will be.

1:44 — When I asked her how she liked her job, she said… I love it! She also said, “I love my customers”!

1:45 — When you lose sight that your clients are people you can’t love them. It is just purely transactional.

1:47 — I spoke at a conference and met someone that read the first release of Radical Me. She is now know around the office as the “Love Doctor”.

1:51 — After reading the book she went on a campaign to get her customers to love her. The first question she asked herself, was if she loved them.

1:52 — After realizing that she didn’t, she changed her outlook and allowed herself to love them. Things were easier after that. All she had to do was treat her customers like she would any person she loved. She hugged and kissed them on the cheek when she saw them.

1:54 — That’s why, do what you love, is the foundation of all great leaders.

1:56 — It’s hard to have a person love their customers, love their job, and love the leadership team if they don’t love themselves.

1:57 — The best we can do is to build the environment where people know they are loved and to support them if they need it.

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