Case Study: WindsorONE

2:50 — Kurt Vanderah introduces WindsorONE‘s President & CEO, Craig Flynn, Director of Marketing, Brian Bunt, and Design & Brand Strategist, Emily Albinski.

2:51 — Looking forward to some great thoughts!!!

2:52 — Word of Mouth: Fission Formula. (Missed first part – will get it) 53% of a yes decision. Flip The Funnel. Your best customers are not your sales team, your best sales team is your customers!

2:53 — The first thing to normally go in businesses in bad times is the marketing budget.

2:54 — 11 WOMM Bomb Drops:

1. Free Prize Inside: Who you gonna get to talk about your product? Find the influencers. Give them free swag.

2. Cool Shirts: T-shirts have worked great for WinsdorONE. When giving swag they also provided ideas for recipients to share their story. Tip: When giving away t-shirts HAVE to be cool!

3. Free Corn What? Inside: Tied into corn-hole game but they abandoned this campaign due to the huge misunderstanding from certain people.

4. Call Kurt for a Shirt: Put this on the back of the t-shirts (of course, included phone number). People talked about it and called for t-shirts. WindsorONE tracked the calls to show effectiveness with Google Maps. Kurt was able to build many fans with this idea. Generated 50+ leads per week. It saved $250,000 in advertising money.

5. Trade Show Booths: They made their booth displays for cheap. One display was a whiteboard for people to write and share their ideas or suggestions. And because Kurt had become so popular (see above) people came by wanting him to sign shirts and boards.

6. The Crackpot Sales Team: Their team invests in their clients and get involved in their lives.

7. Cool Invites: They sent out bags of tomatoes with Craig’s face. If you didn’t like the talk (at the event they were at) they encouraged you to bring the tomatoes to throw at them. $12-30 pkg.

8. Biz Cards: Make them unique. They did them at baseball card size and made them fun.

9. Pay It Forward, WOM: Helping others and teaching others = goodwill and credibility

10. The Empty

11. Crisis Management: The Flynn Report … gave up to date and transparent information about orders after the earthquake in Haiti and other distasters. The open communication established trust, and even though customers weren’t getting their orders on time, they were understanding and faithful.

3:13 — This was a fast and furious session. I will try and piece together more intel as quickly as possible.

All of their ideas were based on cheap and creative ideas that generated a ton of buzz and interest in their company.

Questions and Answers Time

Did they get any pushback from the upper management team with their ideas? Since Craig is CEO, any pushback would have come from middle management, but most of the team has supported the zany ideas they’ve moved on. And some have been failures.

Does Craig find himself getting asked by other CEOs about his ideas and creativity? Yes, he is starting to get more requests in an industry that traditionally isn’t off the wall.


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