Spike Jones: How to create a fan community

10:15 — Cale Johnson introduces WCG‘s Group Director of Engagement, Spike Jones.


10:16 —

10:17 — Austin is the greatest place on earth.

10:18 — Community – The most misunderstood word on the internet.

10:19 —  Just because you throw up a site or get some likes on Facebook doesn’t mean you have a community.

10:20 — There is a difference between being a neighbor and being neighborly.

10:21 — Read: The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted by Malcolm Gladwell

10:23 — Dunbar’s number — Humans can’t keep track of more than 150 relationships at a time. How many friends do you have on Facebook?

10:24 — #1 It is not, nor will it ever be about your product.

10:25 — It is about the customer, their ego, or about what the product does.

10:26 — There is a fan club around WD-40.

10:27 — Some guy used it on his fish bait and shared what he did with his followers on twitter.

10:28 — #2 Don’t seek out influence create it.

10:29 — Find people that already love your brand and highlight them.

10:30 — #3 Your community is not for everybody.

10:31 — A gated community is a great thing. not everyone needs to apart of it.

10:32 — #4 Find your Rally Cry.

10:33 — Don’t mess with Texas

10:34 — Everyone once to be apart of something greater than themselves.

10:35 — #5 Think about content differently.

10:36 —

  • Compression -> Deepening.
  • Disposability -> Timelessness
  • Curation -> Creation
  • Self-promotion -> Self-relection


10:39 — Q: How do you justify your time and effort?

10:40 — A: We started with something small that was low cost, and built it from there. We do campaigns with the mindset that it could be de-funded tomorrow.

10:42 — Q: How do you build a community when you don’t have a product, but instead offer a service?

10:43 –A: Turbo Tax has a community. USAA users love that company. The people are there, you just need to tap into them.

10:44 — Q: Who leads a community?

10:45 — A: Jerad from Subway is a great example. Find people that like your brand and make them leaders, they will love it!





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Wesley's experience spans multiple facets of the technology industry, from manufacturing to product development. His passion for technology was fostered through over 13 years of experience in technical and customer service support, field engineering, and digital media entertainment development. Recently, Wesley has become a rising player in the social media scene; he has been a featured guest on several web media outlets such as CNET and ManiaTV. As part of the Social Media Counsel, and then as a Social Media Evangelist, he assisted in the development of AMD's social media strategy and helped discover new business partnerships. Wesley's previous employers include Applied Materials, Integrated Devices, Dell, AMD and Snoball. Wesley currently on the board of the Austin chapter of Social Media Club and is the Founder of WordRipple.

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