Keynote: CEO Andy Sernovitz on how word of mouth marketing with save your brand

8:30 — Kurt Vanderah (@kurtvan) introduces author and CEO, Andy Sernovitz and I think I am watching Remember The Titans? No, (Coach) Kurt is just prepping the team for the big game – I mean, Crash Course. We’re full of egg white frittata and coffee and ready to go! Go team!

8:45 — Andy Sernovitz (@Sernovitz) has taken the stage and is framing Word of Mouth Marketing and being “tech proof” – impervious to changes in online communication platforms. How do you start? – Making people happy is what starts the conversation. He cites Red Envelope and Zappos. They cultivate relationships with their customers and give people a reason to talk about their stuff. Making people happy makes it easier for the conversation to take place around your brand.

8:54 — An idea or product that organically spreads from person to person by word of mouth is – 1. Portable 2. Repeatable and 3. Emotional

8:58 — Why do people talk about your brand? Well for starters, being good isn’t good enough. “You have to be remarkable.” You have to give them a reason to talk about your company.  The longer you product has been around, the harder it is for people to talk about it. For example, chocolate hasbeen around for-ev-er and you do not call up your best friend just to tell them you are eating a chocolate bar. It’s commonplace. Its not the best thing that happened to your day and in your life (although sometimes it ABSOLUTELY is!) So how do you solve “The Chocolate Problem?” Google maps did it with satellite view: street cam is creepy but it keeps the conversation rolling. It’s a remarkable product. It offers something extra, different and conversational.

9:04 — Maker’s Mark Embassy program – relatable and conversational. You can learn more about the Makers Mark Ambassador program in the Word Of Mouth Crash Course Maker’s Mark Case Study live blog recap by Wesley Faulkner.

9:10 — A note to leave with from the keynote: You have to ask yourself, “Would  anybody tell a friend?”

9:11 — “Advertising is the cost of being boring.” – Haha!

Alright Team, we are ahead of schedule, and ready to rock the day at the Word Of Mouth Crash Course! And I need more coffee in my life. Right. Now.

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Yola Blake is the lead social strategist at Get Page One, a search-marketing agency in Austin. Her current role includes full-service community management, corporate and small business social strategy, social profile optimization for SEO and editorial project management. Yola is also a contributing author for the Social Media Club's global editorial team and the Austin chapter’s web chair.

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