Jake McKee: How to work with influential talkers

9:35 — Kurt Vanderah introduces Ant’s Eye View‘s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Jake McKee.

9:36 — Let’s define an influencer – Boom. An influencer is a person in a short or long-term relationship with a company who helps them drive the company’s biz objectives forward while enjoying the process. They are leaders of a community and serve as positive forces with skills and knowledge relevant to the project.

9:42 — And now he is about to launch into 11 things that determine an influential program – Rally your influencers, and get to work!

1. Determine your mission – What are you trying to achieve? It’s not an objective, it s a straightforward question that you need to ask yourself. It’s easy to do PR but if you are trying to start a program, you have to develop something remarkable

2. Start early (and keep going) – bring smart people together and get the ball rolling early. Think about it

3. Understand the motivation of your target audience – Research, research, research.

9:48 —  

4. Value every effort – people engage in different way, tap into it and respond to it. Where is your target audience? Find where they are and jump into the conversation

5. Set and live by expectations – “A good program takes time.” There should be a lot of communication and direct followup to make sure that you are encouraging conversations about your brand and it takes time.

6-7. More about the time that it takes to grow a program through organic conversation and more stress on the time it takes to create and sustain a program of substance.

8. Be careful about your rules – craft them carefully and stick to them

9. Provide a means to connect – be transparent and give others an easy means to contact you

10. Conduct an After Action review – solicit feedback from participants and post the results to the people who participate

11. Retain the momentum – Plan it in advance, as part of the program design.

9:57 — Q&A Time!

Greg from Social Chorus – How bigs can these programs get?

There is no one-size-fit-all answer, but it’s the smallest number that you need to achieve the business objectives.

What has been the best metric for measuring success? ”

Your business objective is the metric for success. Define your mission and goal and work backwards from there

What is your definition of an advocate vs. an influencer?

They are essentially the same.

Whew! This session flew by, Team! Next up in Track 1 is Geno Church – How to Get People Talking Offline.

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