Bob Pearson on “Pre-Commerce”

1:30 — Kurt Vanderah introduces Bob Pearson, author of Pre-Commerce: How Companies and Customers are Transforming Business Together.

1:31 — Transactions are less than 1% of the time/activties that a person spends online doing.

1:35 — Where are the communities at that want what you offer? You have to go out and find them for success.

1:36 — Habits … at least 3 out of 4 people look to their peers for feedback and information.

1:36 — There are no more than 50 people driving the most influence for your brand. Who are those people?

1:37 — Paid media used to be the king for marketing. Now it’s earned media and earning trust in the communities who support your brand is essential.

1:39 — How do we provide 365 media to our customers every day? Consistency on delivering your information is key.

1:41 — We need to move where we personalize every aspect of our media so that people share it.

1:43 — The way we do retail online is going to change because it’s not as effective as it should be. We will be able to control the retail experience much better to help the people who are interested in what we are selling.

1:45 — 90% of people online are lurking or educating themselves, not contributing to content or conversations.

1:46 — Questions and Answers Portion

1:50 — They are discussing the difference between paid marketing and earned marketing. Paid marketing doesn’t produce the results as it should because usually there is no loyalty or passion behind it. Earned marketing is more effective because the people who share and act on the messages are more apt to support your brand or purchase from you. It’s built more around trust and relationships than a “forced” interaction.

1:53 — Getting ideas from your current customers is a great way to understand what potential new customers might want.

1:56 — The best way for Ecommerce success will be built and based on permission marketing.

1:58 — Great insights on how people make transactions online!


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