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WOM Tip #227: Find your “thing”

What’s your company’s “thing?” You know, the one thing that people think of when they talk about you. For example: “Oh, that’s the hotel with the teepees.” “They’re the barber shops that give you a beer.” “That’s the restaurant that serves a donut with everything.” For The Works, a diner in Ontario, their “thing” is…

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WOM Tip #224: Join the conversation in your own way

A lot of marketers have some anxiety about jumping in on popular conversations to get attention for their business: What if we just look opportunistic? What if we don’t have anything to add? But using what people are already talking about is one of the easiest ways you can earn word of mouth — you…

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WOM Tip #219: Ask your fans to get in on the joke

Newcastle is known for their tongue-in-cheek advertising, showing actors reluctantly endorsing their stuff, making a social media presence for a cardboard beer coaster, and sponsoring this post on Gawker: “We’ve Disguised This Newcastle Ad as an Article to Get You to Click It.” For this social media campaign, they asked their fans to submit photos…

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WOM Tip #169: Re-energize word of mouth by repackaging your stuff

Crayons have a word of mouth problem: Like chocolate, Shakespeare, and coffee, everyone knows they’re great, and everyone’s heard of them, so it’s harder to start conversations about them. To get people talking about crayons again, Crayola had to do something creative. But instead of creating a promotional campaign, they created a new package —…

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WOM Tip #208: Even small swag can make a difference

FILA’s golf shorts come with a small package of golf tees. They’re there to show off the fact that the shorts have a “tee pocket,” but more importantly, they put something shareable into their customers’ hands. That makes it much easier for someone out golfing with friends to talk about his shorts. Even the smallest…

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WOM Tip #544: Partnerships re-energize word of mouth

IKEA stores do a great job of helping customers visualize what IKEA furniture could look like in their house. Dog shelters, however, have a harder time helping people imagine what it would be like to have a dog in their home. Let’s be honest. Most dog shelters aren’t very homey. So to get people thinking…

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WOM Tip #462: Need content inspiration? Just ask for it.

One of the best things you can do for word of mouth is share plenty of content for your fans to pass along. If you’re thinking that’s easier said than done, you’re not alone. Even big, well established companies struggle to come up with content people want to share. You know who has no problem…

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WOM Tip #479: Bold is better

Doing something bold is risky. It makes you vulnerable, and it can get personal — but it also gets noticed. Average marketing is safe, easy, and often ignored. Average is emailing your boss a resignation letter. Bold is writing it in icing on a cake you made for the whole office. That’s what one man…

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