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WOM Tip #561: Reward your referrers with something they’ll use

Did you know that when you refer a friend to Dropbox they’ll give you more storage space? It probably costs the company pennies, but it gives their customers something they’ll actually use and a great reason to use Dropbox even more. When your customers share a product they believe in, encourage that loyalty by giving…

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WOM Tip #582: Listen for opportunities to make someone’s day — even small ones

Big gestures can earn word of mouth, sure. But so can a lot of little moments. For example, Staples was paying attention when this college student tweeted a question about clipboards. Even though she didn’t use “@Staples” to send the message directly to them, they saw the opportunity and surprised her by sending her a…

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WOM Tip #501: Get someone else to tell your story

Imagine this: You’re making polite conversation with your taxi driver when he starts telling you about his only daughter who ran off to marry a man in a different country. He says he just discovered her husband is abusing her and that he’s packing his stuff to go kill her husband. That’s pretty dramatic. But…

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WOM Tip #489: Just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it can’t be friendly

We get it. You’re busy. You can’t write every customer you meet a personalized note or a special email. Some things have to be automated — and that’s OK. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little personality. For example, Tonx, a high-end coffee subscription service (who’s also great at helping their customers spread…

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WOM Tip #474: Help them start conversations even when they’re not about you

It’s tempting to pack every interaction you have with your customers with some kind of promotion, sale, or new product information. Don’t. Sometimes, the communications your customers will pay attention to most have nothing to do with your stuff. Sometimes it’s better just to say hi and remind them that you’re human. For example, before…

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WOM Tip #405: Make fixing your mistakes a big deal

Negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it presents a great opportunity to do something remarkable for your customers. For example, when Chef Boyardee got rid of their cans with pop-top lids to save a little money, they didn’t realize it would be such a disappointment to their fans. But after bringing back the…

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WOM Tip #376: Inexpensive tools can carry word of mouth messages for more expensive stuff

Homage, a retro-sports-inspired clothing company, includes packages of old baseball cards with their customers’ orders. They’re not worth anything to a serious baseball card trader — but that’s not the point. They’re nostalgic, they’re a cool way to surprise and delight customers, and most importantly, they’re a word of mouth carrier. When Homage sends these…

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WOM Tip #399: Your talkers can say it better with a gift

Tonx is a subscription coffee service that delivers high-quality roasted beans to their customers’ doors (and we think they were channeling Dollar Shave Club with this video). Tonx encourages subscribers to tell friends about them by giving them a discount code to share. If you give your customers a chance to do something nice for…

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