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WOM Tip #378: Make a physical reminder for word of mouth

Some word of mouth topics are harder to spread than others. For example, the issue of hunger in Rhode Island is a difficult one for many people to comprehend. So to make their message more tangible, one food bank created empty cans branded as “Nothing.” Photo from Nail. The cans of “Nothing” were designed a…

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WOM Tip #457: Turn problem solving into a word of mouth opportunity

Feedly, an RSS feed reader, dedicated the first ten days of March to fixing ten bugs in their system. They called it “Fix It March: 10 bugs in 10 days,” and blogged about eh experience along the way. Photo from Feedly. Feedly is probably already tackling issues and improving their product every day, not just…

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WOM Tip #441: Make your packaging your word of mouth story

Sony sells their waterproof Walkman headphones submersed in a water bottle. With one glance, you can immediately tell what makes their product remarkable. They don’t need clever copy or flashy design — they just put their headphones in a water bottle in a vending machine. Photo from The Dieline. The best word of mouth stories…

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WOM Tip #379: Try word of mouth topics you know already work

When March Madness comes around, tons of people get excited about making brackets. Co-workers compete against each other and friends get together to talk about their picks — even the ones who don’t follow college basketball. That’s a big word of mouth topic. So why couldn’t the bracket work for something besides college basketball? That’s…

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WOM Tip #477: Make something unexpectedly delightful

When you’re selling a solution, it’s easy to focus too much on the problem. Commercials for scented trash bags and air fresheners, for example, usually make you cringe by focusing on all of the nasty smells you need to cover up. But what if they did something to make their customers smile instead of cringe?…

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WOM Tip #346: Rethink where you’re starting word of mouth conversations

When you think of a petition, you probably imagine a person with a clipboard, asking for “just a minute of your time.” It’s a practice people know well — and one people often avoid. To stand out from other causes, Action Against Hunger in France placed their petition for protecting humanitarian volunteers not on a…

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WOM Tip #396: Be patient with word of mouth

For one local Applebee’s, talking to the same Facebook fan, Chip Zdarsky, every day probably got annoying. After all, they didn’t know it, but Chip was messing with them — answering mundane Facebook posts like “Full or half sized Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad?” mostly for his own entertainment. But after months of Applebee’s politely responding…

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WOM Tip #344: Your best talkers might be having the worst day

Everyone knows that traveling during the holidays is terrible. During the day before Thanksgiving, Zappos showed up at one of the worst places to be: baggage claim at an airport. But instead of using the advertising space on the baggage carousel as a billboard, they made it into a Wheel-of-Fortune game. If your bag landed…

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