Kurt Vanderah: Welcome to Word of Mouth Supergenius

8:38 — Whistle! Welcome team! Coach Kurt welcomes us, and tells us we’re all SuperGeniuses. WOM Supergeniuses. Coach Kurt: This is our Superbowl, World Cup. Today is going to ROCK! There will be useful information. You can learn it! You can DO IT!

8:39 — Coach Kurt: Game plan – huddle, then move to rooms. Look at your playbook to determine which rooms, then go LEARN! We’ve got the brightest names in the business. Ten minute breaks, with hard time — don’t make me use the whistle!

8:40 — Coach Kurt: Do not lollygag during breaks. After the How-Tos, grab a boxed lunch, then sit with 1 of 6 mind-blowing authors, eat and learn. Then meet back for Tony Hsieh. Then 2nd half case studies instead of how-tos. Game ends at 5pm sharp.

8:42 — Coach Kurt: We are not alone today. List of sponsors: Radian6, CoTweet, and a host of others. Yummy!

8:42 — Coach Kurt gives respect to partners. Specific shout-out to Bubble Chocolate – it’s in our bag! Woot! Plus other snacks in the bag!

8:43 — Coach Kurt: Three Books in the bag! By authors Brian Solis, Hugh MacLeod and Jeanne Bliss.

8:44 — Other toys in the bag. It’s like a toy store! We’re not just a team, we’re a dynasty.

8:45 — Coach Kurt: Water- nothing more important than water! Stay thirsty. We have to support this cause. We have water in every room – but not everyone is that lucky. There are one billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean water. We can do something about that today. We NEED to do something about that today. Dig deep and donate to charity: water http://charitywater.org at the table next door. Please donate $100 to give 5 people access to clean drinking water for the next 20 years.

You can do this. We’ve got $7,000 in donations already. We can triple that if we set our minds to it. That’s a reason we’re here. We’re good enough and smart enough to help. We’re going to help ourselves become better people.

8:47 — Coach Kurt: WE ARE AWESEOME! Damn right! We are going to grab that throne. We are going to work on WOM. We know Hugh MacLeod will tell you, “Advertising is the price of being boring.”

8:49 — Coach Kurt: Make friends today — meet the people on your left and right. When you meet the person that has the same WOM tip on their badge as you, you have found your soul mate. If you find that person, head to registration desk — we have a special gift for you.

8:50 — Coach Kurt: Make love to your customers (with Andy Sernovitz). Make people happy (w/ Tony Hsieh).

8:51 — Coach Kurt: For, bathroom locations and WIFI instructions, talk to anyone with a red shirt.

8:51 — You can do it! Heeeeeeeeere’s Andy Sernovitz!

Love this live coverage? It’s all thanks to the hard work of the very talented Howard Greenstein.

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