Brendan Hart: How to be Awesome on Twitter and Facebook — live from Word of Mouth Supergenius

11:15 — Cale Johnson introduces National Geographic‘s Brendan Hart.

11:16 — Brendan starts his session on how to be awesome on Twitter and Facebook. Some key questions:

1. How do I grow my followers?

2. What kind of content should I post?

3. What’s the point?

11:17 — Conversation between National Geographic and a customer now moves from customer to customer.  Here are some strategic foundations for National Geographic’s approach:

1.  Facebook and Twitter are 2 different platforms.

2.  Build the core team around your authentic voice.

3.  Define your unique consumer-proposition.

4.  Have a fan-first contact strategy.

5.  ROI is a critical focus

6.  Paid vs. organic growth

11:19 –Facebook tactics that work:

1.  Know your audience — what are Facebook insights telling you?

2.  Test different types of content — what drives the most likes or comments?

3.  How does popular & conversational content align with your marketing priorities?

4.  How is Facebook best used to amplify your multi-channel marketing mix?

11:22 –Twitter tactics that work:

1.  Increase your frequency vs. other social outposts

2.  Be provocative.

3.  Engage your followers

1.  Not every tweet is a good Facebook post.

2.  Let the feedback from one channel optimize content on the other.

3.  Give consumers a real benefit.

11:24 –Three key lessons:

1.  Feedback is key to being awesome.

2.  Tracking & testing should drive your content and promotions strategy.

3.  Developing your voice is key to building loyal followers.

11:25 –In the end, you have to realize:

1.  SM is not an advertising format

2.  Gimmicks don’t build loyalty

3.  There’s no transitive property — if it works on one platform, it may not work on others.

Love this live coverage? It’s all thanks to the fantastically fantastic blogging of David Polinchock.

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  1. Live coverage recap from yesterday's Word of Mouth Supergenius - July 21, 2010

    […] How to be Awesome on Twitter and Facebook — with National Geographic’s Brendan Hart […]

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