Andy Sernovitz: How to stay ethical and out of trouble

11:55 — Cale Johnson introduces‘s CEO, Andy Sernovitz.

11:55 —

11:56 — It’s all about trust.

11:57 — This is the basis that all your social media efforts are based on.

11:58 —  Disclosure – The difference between honesty and sleazery.

11:59 — THIS IS THE LAW!

12:00 — This is not a new law. Just because this is social doesn’t mean that there is a loop hole.

12:01 —

12:03 — Stay Safe

  • Never pay
  • Real disclosure
  • Don’t lie to your mom

12:04 —

  • Who are you?
  • Were you paid?
  • Is it an honest opinion based on a real experience?

12:08 — Biggest Risk: Training Failure

12:10 — Some people don’t know that what they did before the started working for big brand, doesn’t fly anymore. The anything goes mentality must go.

12:11 — Create a social media policy, Train your people and make a good faith effort that they follow it.

12:12 — Be careful who you hire. Your brand is ultimately responsible.

12:13 — Make sure that all contracts state that all vendors will meet or exceed all FTC laws.

12:14 — We have a chance to do something good. Raise your standards.

12:15 — If you have to ask the answer is “no”. It’s easier to be honest. Pass it on.


12:16 — Q: I am with a school. How do we get people in and retaining them?

12:17 — A: I have no idea, but what I would do is focus on the people around the students and their parents.

12:18 — Q: What compensation can we give, if we can’t give money?

12:19 — A: Find fans and the disclosure becomes the compensation.

12:20 — Q: Platform specific disclosure. What is you only have 140 characters?

12:21 — A: Do we use hash tags? Do we put it in the bio? We don’t know, but you have to put in a good faith effort. The more space you have, the more disclosure you should do.

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Wesley's experience spans multiple facets of the technology industry, from manufacturing to product development. His passion for technology was fostered through over 13 years of experience in technical and customer service support, field engineering, and digital media entertainment development. Recently, Wesley has become a rising player in the social media scene; he has been a featured guest on several web media outlets such as CNET and ManiaTV. As part of the Social Media Counsel, and then as a Social Media Evangelist, he assisted in the development of AMD's social media strategy and helped discover new business partnerships. Wesley's previous employers include Applied Materials, Integrated Devices, Dell, AMD and Snoball. Wesley currently on the board of the Austin chapter of Social Media Club and is the Founder of WordRipple.

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