Video: How to use social media for crisis management

For most brands, social media ROI means “return on investment.” But for some brands, it also means “rescue of image.” According to Debbie Curtis-Magley, Director of SAP Cross-Cloud Social and Community at Ariba, social media can be a great tool for influencing positive word of mouth about your brand. You just have to use it…

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Video: How Johnson & Johnson turns influencers into talkers

In an increasingly connected world, it’s less about what your brand says and more about what people say about your brand. After all, that’s what word of mouth marketing is all about. In her presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Johnson & Johnson Director of Corporate Communications for Social Media Devon Eyer talks about how they…

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Video: How Moen changed their focus to earn more word of mouth

It takes a lot less effort to get your fans to talk about you when you know what they want to talk about. But to do that, you have to listen first. According to Ginny Persons, Moen’s Director of Online and Direct Marketing, listening to their fans helped them re-focus their social media strategy. By…

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Video: How Microsoft uses storytelling to earn word of mouth

“Welcome to Nobody Cares, population: six billion.” That’s Microsoft Social Media Manager Rob Wolf explaining one of the reasons why it’s difficult to get customers to share your message: If you don’t know what they find interesting, you’re not going to get their attention. How does Microsoft get them to care? Storytelling — because Microsoft…

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Video: How Southwest Airlines’ employees start meaningful word of mouth conversations

If you fly with Southwest Airlines, you might not be surprised to see singing flight attendants or a cookie cake when your flight arrives. In fact, you may have already seen this viral video of a flight attendant firing off jokes during her entire safety briefing. Southwest Airlines is known for fun and friendly stunts…

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Video: How Kaiser Permanente writes their own word of mouth stories

“If you don’t like the news, go out and make your own.” That famous quote by Wes “Scoop” Nisker fits nicely with the word of mouth fundamental, “give people something to talk about.” According to Kaiser Permanente’s VP of Brand Communication, Holly Potter, that quote also inspires their goal to tell their own stories online….

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Video: How USAA built buzz for an internal training program

Company training programs aren’t usually that exciting — even less exciting, an email announcing new company policies. So when USAA rolled out their new initiative to get everyone in the company involved in social media, they didn’t do it the traditional way. Instead, USAA Director of Social Communities and Advocacy Julie Finlay says they created…

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