Video: How Paychex turned their employees into advocates in 14 days

Here’s the thing about getting your employees to spread word of mouth: Sometimes you just have to ask them. Paychex Social Media Program Manager Joe Schaeffer says they did it with a simple question: “What makes you #PaychexProud?” To get them to answer it, though, Joe did a little internal word of mouth marketing of…

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Video: How Michelin earns word of mouth influence in forums

The automotive industry has some of the most passionate talkers. Experts, enthusiasts, celebrities, car guys, and just people looking for answers to their car questions come to the same place: online forums. For brands like Michelin, that’s fantastic for market research, understanding their customers, and hearing what people have to say. But according to Michelin’s…

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Video: Tyra Banks on how honesty strengthens your word of mouth marketing

“Smizing,” “saming,” and encouraging different definitions of beauty: They’re Tyra’s ingredients for becoming one of the most world’s most followed people on Twitter. (Well, that, and being a world-famous supermodel, reality show host, and entrepreneur.) But her social media and word of mouth strategy might not be what you think. In her keynote at’s…

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Video: How to integrate word of mouth and social media with advertising

Jamie Plesser, former Best Buy Director of Digital Marketing, says that like a lot of social media and word of mouth marketers, he cringes when someone asks him to “make this campaign social.” In his presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, he talks about why, unlike traditional media, word of mouth and social media is about…

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Video: How earning trust becomes a competitive advantage

“Trust is often your first filter,” Don Peppers, author of Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage, tells us. No one wants to hang out with someone they don’t trust. The same goes for your customers. In his presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Don talks about why earning trust and being transparent is not only…

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Video: Why passion sparks word of mouth

One key point on word of mouth marketing: “It’s about people, stupid,” says Brains on Fire President Robbin Phillips. The focus shouldn’t be on the product or the sales data. It should be on human beings and what they care about. In her book, The Passion Conversation, Robbin says you have to understand people’s passions…

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Video: How to build audiences to earn word of mouth

The term “ABBA” typically conjures up images of glittery suit jackets and stylishly shaggy hair. But if you’re Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing Insights at ExactTarget, “ABBA” is short for a useful marketing aphorism: Always Be Building Audiences. In his presentation at’s Brands-Only Summit, Jeff explains why a large and engaged customer base is…

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