Will It Blend Week, part 4: How it all started with sawdust

As a preview for Word of Mouth Supergenius: The “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing” Conference here in Chicago on December 16, we’re dedicating a full week to our halftime celebrities from Will It Blend — one of the most successful viral video series of all time.

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You might be thinking that while this is all well and great, your company isn’t like that. You can’t blend garden rakes or iPhones, much less make content that anyone will share.

But what’s important to remember here is that we’re talking about a BtoB blender company. It’s not exactly an industry inherently filled with content that goes viral.

It all started with sawdust

Not long after joining Blendtec, VP of Sales and Marketing, George Wright, took a stroll through the company’s manufacturing facility and noticed sawdust on the floor — an odd find for a company that makes blenders.

After asking around, George learned the sawdust was from tests conducted by founder and CEO Tom Dickson — and after seeing how excited the staff was with the tests, George knew he had to get it on camera.

They didn’t run out and find a production crew or big budget equipment — they just grabbed a simple camera, some materials to blend, and a lab coat.

Look for your sawdust

Look for the remarkable moments your company has behind the scenes every day. Show fans your R&D department, your field tests, your new product innovations, your community work, or your creative processes.

Not everything will be a viral sensation, but by keeping the production of your content cheap, you’ve got plenty of chances to keep trying until you find what works.

And remember: A great test of your content is to see what interests your own staff. They’re the ones who see this stuff every day — so if something catches their attention, your fans will probably be thrilled.

P.S. In one of the most explosive episodes in Will It Blend history, check out what a Blendtec blender does to Bic lighters:

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