ConAgra Foods: Embracing a social media culture — Live from BlogWell

1:33 — Phil Nieman introduces Stephanie Moritz, Director, Public Relations for ConAgra Foods.

1:34 — Stephanie: Social media is everywhere, and changing the way we do business. ConAgra views this as a strategic opportunity.

1:35 — Stephanie is presenting statistics about how social media is now mainstream.

1:36 — Stephanie asks when do you activate your brands?

1:37 — It’s all about a targeted, manageable approach. It’s about engagement and conversations. Does it make sense for your brand? Does it make sense for your consumer?

1:38 – How do you get champions involved internally? What will it take internally? Enterprise wide activation and find the right approach for engagement.

1:39 — ConAgra Foods makes brands that you can count on: Hunt’s, PAM, Healthy Choice — 90% of consumers have one ConAgra brand.

1:40 — Stephanie: Social media is not a one size fits all.

1:40 — How can social media amplify PR efforts? ConAgra identified the right approach by amplifying the marketing spent and creating a master plan.

1:41 – Stephanie: Business objectives recognized the opportunities for social media in HR, legal, career development, and marketing. An enterprise solution — aligned with ConAgra’s business strategies.

1:45 — ConAgra identified 5 items to determine ConAgra’s approach:

  1. Respond – answer questions, acknowledge comments
  2. Participate – proactive blogger outreach, become a part of conversations
  3. Engage – develop internal/external community
  4. Listen – monitor what is being said and who is saying it
  5. Build the foundation – governance, procedures, education

1:46 – Stephanie: We took the time to education senior management with “digital immersion,” then customized what it would take and what it means for a social media program.

1:47 — Stephanie found power in making an enterprise wide solution. ConAgra conducted a company wide audit to see who was interested and engaged in social media and then created a task force throughout the organization. With the task force, they were able to build support and create full engagement of the key audiences.

1:49 — What makes sense for your company? Stephanie says not to go after the “shiny object,” but to find what is right for your brand.

1:49 — The Healthy Choice brand identified key bloggers to openly talk with them what they think of the brand today and asked how they could work together. ConAgra spent a great deal of time deciding what they want to communicate to ensure it was sustainable.

1:51 — ConAgra set benchmarks about what will work and what works for their brand. They are continuing to learn and continuing to grow.

1:52 — ConAgra went to events in order to engage with their customers and get feedback that build lasting relationships.

1:53 — Keys to success:

  1. Set clear goals and determine the approach to succeed.
  2. Create enterprise-wide endorsement and resources.
  3. Determine a road map for execution.
  4. Commit!

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