3 tips to get more referrals for your small business

This guest post is from Caitlin Moore, Media Coordinator for PetRelocation.com.

By holding fast to the belief that “people do business with people they like” and also being lucky enough to work with pets and their adoring owners, we at PetRelocation.com are in a good place to benefit from word of mouth marketing.

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a pet owner tell us “thank you” after we’ve arranged the safe transport of their favorite furry family member, and all it takes is a little encouragement on our part to make sure that their good feelings do not go unshared.

Here are a few simple ways we help the positive word of mouth spread:

1. Ask for feedback

After a successful pet move we ask our customers to “share their story” with us through an online testimonial form. Once a stressful move is over and life is getting back to normal, we find that people are happy to talk about their experiences. By asking them to share (and also by offering them token of our appreciation — a T-shirt for example), our customers are very often eager to provide an update. Detailed feedback helps us improve, and heartwarming stories are both fun and valuable.

2. Share customer stories online

Now that we have some great details from our happy customers, it’s time for us to help showcase the good word. Publishing customer stories online (along with cute pet pictures, of course) gives us great content for our blog and Facebook page and allows these glimpses of real life to reach potential customers by existing online indefinitely. Who wouldn’t want to run across a personal story with a happy ending as they research how to plan a move, one of life’s most stressful events? It’s about connecting people to the heart of the matter, an action very helpful in inspiring positive word of mouth.

3. Keep in touch

Pet owners are a different breed of customer, and during the process of a move our Pet Relocation Specialists often really get to know people. This makes following up a no-brainer, as we’re genuinely interested in hearing how our customers are doing and they’re very happy to tell us. Not only does this foster repeat business, it adds an extra level of customer service that makes people feel valued and inspires them to talk about us to their friends and family. Referrals from well-taken care of customers are a great way to build a business, and in our world we’re happy this comes with the territory.

Whatever business you’re in, it’s important to focus on and appreciate the warmest and most human aspects of what you’re doing. Offering excellent customer service and meeting an important need make for a great foundation, but businesses really take off with the help of authentic customer appreciation that is allowed to flourish publically and organically gain momentum.

Do good work, provide a venue for sharing and making connections, and watch as the conversation takes off.

About Caitlin Moore

Caitlin Moore is the Media Coordinator for PetRelocation.com, a pet relocation service provider based in Austin, TX. PetRelocation.com provides safe, door-to-door services worldwide and has received several customer service awards for their work in the relocation industry.

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