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“Fake It Till You Make It: Reputation, Competition, and Yelp Review Fraud” by Michael Luca and Georgios Zervas

One star in the world of Yelp and Trip Advisor can mean the difference between attracting new customers or losing them to your competitors. That’s made a lot of companies desperate. So desperate, that some businesses are taking shortcuts to positive reviews by faking them. In fact, it’s so prevalent (and so obvious) that review…

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How to trigger word of mouth

This is a guest post from Jonah Berger, Marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and New York Times bestselling author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.” See the original post this is adapted from and more like it on his blog. There’s a science behind word of mouth and why things go viral….

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The word of mouth marketing sales-fission formula

Check out these nuclear stats: 85% of the value of a brand is created by the salesperson, at the field level; 53% of a prospect’s decision to choose you comes from their sales experience. BOOM! How’s that radiation make you feel? Well, hopefully you’re wearing your lead vest, because the lesson should be clear: YOU’RE…

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Research: How Gen-Y consumers use word of mouth and social media to make purchase decisions

While the battle for the hearts and spending power of Gen-Y rages on, some interesting studies have come out that bring new marketing information to light. It’s clear that while Gen-Y is heavily entrenched in the digital age, word of mouth marketing is still king of the hill. A “like” isn’t the same as a…

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Word of Mouth Tip #4: Research always gets shared

When it comes to BtoB word of mouth, one of the best ways to get stuff shared is to give it away as research. People love to forward statistics, quote research, and cite your findings in their own studies. Your research efforts don’t have to be complicated. Here are 3 simple steps to creating something…

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What the community expects from vendors looking to participate

A recent survey of 3,000 global IT decision-makers by Toolbox.com and PJA Advertising and Marketing, highlighted by PJA’s Mike O’Toole on MarketingProfs, offered some insights into what communities expect from vendors looking to participate. As we often say, engaging with the talkers in your industry is one of the essentials of building relationships that lead…

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Word of Mouth Research: Brand names that are easy to pronounce outperform complex brand names on the NYSE

A study highlighted in Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive — the fantastic book by Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. Martin, and Robert B. Cialdini — revealed that companies with names that were easy to pronounce outperformed companies with complicated names on the stock market. In both controlled studies using fictitious company names…

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Word of mouth research: How Etsy is an international word of mouth phenomenon

Etsy – the online marketplace where people set up shops to sell handmade goods – is a global word of mouth phenomenon according to the company’s 2009 International Seller Survey results and highlighted by Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb. When international sellers were asked how they first heard about Etsy, an overwhelming 57% cited word of mouth and blogs. In…

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The first chapter of “The Social Media Side Door” by Ian Greenleigh

Ian reveals the best ways to earn the attention of influential people using social media channels.

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9 Things to Share That Start Conversations

Use the examples in this guide to help inspire ways to make your message more portable and shareable.

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The Top Four Tips for Multiplying Your Word of Mouth

These tips can help you get your marketing to do more work without a lot of extra effort.

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10 Ways to Turn Around Negative Word of Mouth

The most effective ways to stop negative WOM with examples from Zappos, FedEx, Dell, and more.

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