Why haven’t you started a word of mouth marketing program?

Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course - Chicago, July 30th - Learn Word of Mouth MarketingWord of mouth marketing is easy, fun, and effective.  You can do it with your existing staff, without spending money.

We’ll teach you how at the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course.  It is the best way to get started.

5 guarantees from the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course

1. Practical, how-to course

This is a complete course that teaches you everything you need to do fantastic word of mouth marketing: how to start, how to manage the program, and how to make it great. The entire day is packed with specific, practical how-to steps. We won’t waste your time with generic theories and vendor presentations. You will learn tactics that you can use in the real world. This class answers the “what do I do now?” question. Take this course to jumpstart your own word of mouth program before you hire anyone else to do it for you. 

2. Action plan

You will get a specific, realistic, written action plan that you can use the very next day. We’ll fill you with tons of ideas and strategies – and then break them down into specific steps that will work for you. You’ll know exactly what to do. 

3. Measurable results

You will know how to track new leads, referrals, and word of mouth-based sales. You’ll be able to follow and measure conversations about your company and your products. And you’ll know how to translate all that data into real ROI. 

4. Repeatable framework

You will master the 5 T’s framework – the essential steps in every successful word of mouth campaign. You’ll learn the concepts – then you’ll perfect them in hands-on team exercises. With this framework, you’ll have a process to use every time you want word of mouth for a new product, service, or brand. It’s simple, repeatable, and effective every time. 

  • Talkers: Find People Who Will Talk 
  • Topics: Give People a Reason to Talk 
  • Tools: Help the Message Spread 
  • Taking Part: Join the Conversation 
  • Tracking: Measure and Listen

5. Fun, fast, fascinating (and food)

Every minute of the Crash Course is jam-packed with ideas. You will leave exhausted yet excited about a whole new way of doing business. You’ll be turned on by the intense conversation and personal interaction. Your brain will be full. 

(And we’re going to eat way too much.) 

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