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WOM Tip #386: Everyone loves a hidden gem

You know that feeling you get when you discover some cool new restaurant? Or when you tell your friends about a shop they’ve never heard of? That feeling is a huge word of mouth motivator. People love to look cool and adventurous in front of their friends. So they love being the first to tell…

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Food for thought: A business education in 20 courses

This guest post is from Andy Nulman — President of Just for Laughs and author of “Pow! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise.” See the original post this was adapted from and more like it on his blog. Here’s a big statement to start your day: A dinner at Chicago’s Alinea restaurant should…

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Video: How Outback Steakhouse enables super fans to spark amazing word of mouth

If you empower your customers to do something great, they’ll be excited and proud to take action for your brand. As Dan Holm and Ken Bott of Outback Steakhouse explain, that’s exactly what happened with Dave — one of Outback’s super fans. According to Dan and Ken, every single customer interaction counts, which is how…

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Word of Mouth Tip #36: Surprise them with something special

Little surprises can create lots of conversations. Opportunities to offer unexpected delights include a free upgrade, expedited shipping, a little something extra in the box, an extra free sample, or even a hand-written note. How a word of mouth supergenius does it: Butterfly Sushi here in Chicago does great things with sushi, but they also…

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Sometimes, it’s about what you don’t sell

A lot of buzz-generating ideas center on introducing something new or adding something to your product line. But for Austin-based fast-food restaurant Cabo Bob’s, their topic is about what they don’t sell. Cabo Bob’s is officially the first fast-food restaurant to be high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) free, serving only sodas made with pure cane sugar…

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TAC Quick Thai Kitchen’s secret menu for insiders

TAC (Thai Authentic Cuisine) Quick Thai Kitchen in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood hands most diners a standard menu with traditional Thai cuisine — but insiders know to ask for the special menu with dishes like Fish Maw Salad, the Boat Noodle, and Chewy Beef Jerkey. Here’s Tasting Table’s writeup on it: “Most diners walk into TAC…

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Smokey Bones BBQ asks employees to engage fans in social media

Smokey Bones – a 68-unit franchise concentrated in Florida – has given several of its employees second jobs as social media marketers charged with engaging fans online. Each location selects a web host — someone familiar with social media tools — to run localized web, Facebook, and Myspace pages to communicate with each location’s fans, known as…

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Word of mouth from empty bottles of booze: How Sushi 28 does it

Chicago’s Sushi 28 — a bring-your-own-beverage sushi and Vietnamese noodle restaurant — invites customers to write messages on their empty wine bottles after their meal and displays them in the window. In thick black marker, fans write notes like “Get the dragon roll, we love it here!” and “Best first sushi ever!” — and the…

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