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Word of Mouth Tip #82: Earn fans at the counter

Don’t let customers walk out of your store without offering them the chance to opt-in to get future contact from you. Offer sign-ups for your newsletter and let them know how to find you on Twitter, on Facebook, and anywhere else you communicate with fans. This is how you turn one-off sales into long-term relationships….

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3-Minute WOM Lesson: 3 simple elements of a great talker program

[Welcome back to the You Can Be a Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] A formal talker program — a community, a fan club, an ambassador program, etc. — can help…

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Word of Mouth Tip #54: Always ask for their email

You work so hard for a click on your web page. You put so much effort into getting someone in your store. You do so much just to earn a fan. But without a way to contact them again, you have to start all over the minute they walk away. Extend the relationship by always…

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3-Minute WOM Lesson: How to stay in touch with fans

Having permission to consistently communicate with fans is key to long-term word of mouth. Three opportunities to do it: 1> Email 2> Communities 3> Events 1> Email Nothing beats a list of email subscribers that have given you permission to regularly contact them. The best word of mouth marketers build their email lists by consistently…

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Case Study: Dreamfields Pasta — live from Word of Mouth Supergenius

4:40 — Bergen Anderson introduces ExactTarget‘s Jeff Rohrs. 4:41 — Jeff says Dreamfields has a very unique selling problem that social media and word of mouth helped solve. The main goal of a seller of pasta is to have shelf space. The problem is that it’s a crowded shelf space, and Dreamfields price point is…

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How Dreamfield’s Pasta built a permission-based following — live with ExactTarget’s Jeff Rohrs

Continuing our previews for Word of Mouth Supergenius: The “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing” Conference on December 16 here in Chicago, we bring you word of mouth supergenius and ExactTarget VP of Marketing, Jeff Rohrs. Here Jeff shares a few tips based on the Dreamfield’s Pasta case study he’ll be presenting:…

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