People love this book CEO Andy Sernovitz just re-released his book in paperback this week.

It’s one of the all-time classics on the topic, and it’s full of practical, simple ideas you can use right away. (And it’s the foundation for much of what we teach here at

Just check out what some really smart people say about it (and afterwards, download the first chapter and find out how to get our free 16-page word of mouth workbook here):

“No one knows word of mouth (the good, the bad, and the measurable) better than Andy Sernovitz.” – Peter Fader, Professor, Wharton School of Business

“I highly recommend this book because it is so practical, tactical, and hysterical.” – Guy Kawasaki, author of Rules for Revolutionaries

“Andy brings it together perfectly: the vision, the strategy, and the practical how-to. It’s all here.” – Geoff Ramsey, CEO, eMarketer

“It’s brief. It’s elementary. It’s obvious. But the truth often is. Read this book to relearn what you always knew just in time for it to change your business life.” – Bob Garfield, co-host of NPR’s On The Media

“Sernovitz has managed to achieve a pretty rare twofer in providing a simple, tactical, how-to guide that anyone could use to improve their communications efforts, while simultaneously sketching out a whole new philosophy for marketers and advertisers everywhere. Oh, and the guy has fun anecdotes and a readable style too. Seriously, I know you’re bored silly by all those marketing texts and I am too, but this one’s worth your time.” – Jonah Bloom, Executive Editor, Advertising Age

“A quick, practical, and extremely useful guide to word of mouth marketing.” – Emanuel Rosen, author of The Anatomy of Buzz

“Great book on WOM. Nicely written.” – Jack Trout, author of Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind and The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

“Andy has written a book that shows just how simple it is to get people talking about your business. You should read this book and then tell a friend.” – Brad Santeler, Kimberly-Clark

“It’s easy to agree that word of mouth is important. But it’s time to become students of how it works and why it is so valuable to our customers. Start or continue your journey by reading this book.” – Bob Pearson, Dell

“This book is to Gladwell’s The Tipping Point as engineering is to physics. If you want to understand the deep sociological theories behind interpersonal communication, this isn’t the book for you. If you want to understand how to harness interpersonal communication to drive your business, then buy this book.” – David Godes, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School

“Another must-read if you’re at all interested in word of mouth marketing.” – Mark Hughes, author of Buzzmarketing

“Andy’s approach is practical, affordable, and, best of all, ethical. Don’t waste your money on mass marketing: Spend it on this book and start people talking.” – Greg Stielstra, author of PyroMarketing

Download the first chapter and find out how to get our free 16-page Word of Mouth Workbook: Click here

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