Welcome Session — Live from BlogWell

Coverage of this session by SAP’s Sylvia Santelli. Follower her on Twitter at @SylviaSant.

1:00 — The Social Media Business Council’s Kurt Vanderah kicks off BlogWell: How Big Brands Use Social Media.

1:00 — Kurt welcomes everyone to Blogwell and encourages everyone to tweet with the hashtag #blogwell and to blog everything.  Everything will be recorded for later viewing by those who couldn’t attend.

1:01 — Kurt: Thanks to the bloggers from SAP: Michael Brenner, Marilyn Pratt and Sylvia Santelli.

1:02 — Kurt: Thanks to wifi sponsor ICUC. Thomas is supporting Movember .

1:03 – ICUC Moderation Services introduces themselves, explains how they’re people powered and work with over 150 brands worldwide.

1:05 – Kurt: I work with the Social Media Business Council that works together to understand corporate social media.

1:07 — Today we can all get a snapshot of what the conference does and the conversations that happen in the council.

1:08 — First session will be by SAP by Brian Ellefritz, Sr. Director, Social Media Marketing and from Pfizer by Kate Bird, Director, Digital Communications Strategy.

1:11 – Kurt: This is the 11th BlogWell hosted by one of the founding companies, SAP.  Kurt introduces Chip Rodgers, COO and VP of SAP Community Network, who welcomes all who could attend.

1:12 — Chip testifies to the value of BlogWell.

1:13 — Chip talks about the power of the SAP Community Network and encourages all to learn how to engage and begin a conversation with your own customers.

1:12 – Kurt introduces Andy Sernovitz, who talks about why we are here – and mentions there are TastyCakes in the hallway!

1:12 – Andy: Today we discuss social media in big business.

1:15 — Andy talks about our responsibilities as social media experts and that we need to keep learning from each other.

1:16 – Andy: It’s easy to start a personal blog and a personal twitter, but it’s not the same to start a blog or a twitter account for a large company or a 50 year old company.

1:17 – Andy: It’s not easy to be the one responsible for all the social media at a big brand because internally there are many who have opinions and externally there are many who have opinions.

1:18 – Andy: When we change large enterprises, we affects many many people.

1:19 – Kurt wraps up the intro and directs the crowd to the first two sessions.

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