Nokia: Connecting People in the New Media World — Live from BlogWell

4:30 — Kurt Vanderah introduces Nokia’s Social Media Communications Director, Molly Schonthal.

4:30 — Kurt Vanderah introduces Nokia’s Social Media Communications Director, Molly Schonthal.

3:50 — Molly: I will take you through what we’ve done in social media internally and externally.

3:51 — Molly: Consumers and customers expect more from us now that we know them.

3:53 — Molly talks about “Infinite Touchpoints”, infinite sources of information about us that we cannot control.

3:54 — Molly: Begin by making social media a way of life inside the company. For example, BlogHub, an internal blog consolidated in one single page, is great for a large multinational company. This is connected to VideoHub, sort of an internal YouTube, and also Nokia Infopedia, which works as Wikipedia where information and knowledge can be shared throughout the company. On the other hand, External Blog “Nokia Conversations” has received 480,000 unique visits last month.

3:55 — Molly: Exercise in your own sandbox before going into the large world.

3:57 — Molly: Let employees talk.

3:58 — Molly shares Nokia’s Digital Ambitions Program, which includes:

  • Digital U – Holistic program
  • Digital Talent – Focused internal job rotations for digital talent
  • Digital Underground – promoting sharing of digital best practices
  • Digital Leadership – focus on senior leadership

4:00 — Molly presents the importance of encouraging collaboration. She presents Nokia’s strategy for SXSW to engage all levels of SXSW community with great results: 204 targeted contacts, 160 influencers, bloggers and SXSW participants tweeted about Nokia products.

4:03 — Molly shares the Ice Cream Man Sponsorship at SXSW. Nokia promoted on Ice Cream Man website, Facebook fan page, and Twitter Profile. This was integrated with Nokia by giving away a Nokia Booklet 3G.

4:05 — Molly talks about the importance of creating consumable content vs. very long press notes. It makes the vast variety of media easy to consume.

4:06 — Molly: Create a syndication ecosystem, let all your digital assets interact with each other.

4:07 — Molly: Find your stories and bring them out to your audience. An example is Nokia’s Blogger Test Center Tour. Its goal is to highlight unique Nokia manufacturing processes emphasizing product quality, build relationships, provide compelling blog content and have fun!

4:08 — Molly highlights the importance of measuring against your KPI’s: Foster dialogue, promote advocacy, facilitate support, spur innovation, and make sure your metrics and your goals are aligned.

4:10 — Molly: Have flexible goals. No one is a expert; I am still learning.


Q: How do you connect your social media metrics to business results?

A: Molly: About measurability, first identify the metric that is directly related to what you are trying to accomplish. For example, in the case of Nokia the most important is sales or activation. But in social media it is the number of relevant tweets and blog coverage. Marketing will tie this to business results. But it is important to have a common metric vocabulary.

Q: Why are you not directly linked to business results?

A: Molly: Our metrics are related to generic communications measures, such as word of mouth, blog coverage, etc. People from marketing will make sure to relate these results to business and ensure they are delivering towards our company’s KPIs.

Q: Rod Brook from PEMCO:  In social media there is usually a corporate control point. But you are providing a different perspective, which presents a more open, diverse approach.

A: Molly: I believe that more often that not having more different groups on social media with a common set of guidelines is more effective than having 2-3 people authorized to work on social media.

Q: What is the architecture between your site ( and Nokia Conversations? Is there a strategy?

A: Molly: We are working on that. Initially Conversations was a different brand but as we progress we are adjusting that strategy.

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