This is a guest post from Gary Vaynerchuk — well-known entrepreneur, social media innovator, and author of “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” See the original post this is adapted from and more like it on his blog.

I answered this question in episode two of #AskGaryVee. That was quite a while ago now, so I want to make sure you don’t all forget what I said, which is this: there is no such thing as a boring subject.

The options that social brings to you as a company are endless, and you can make content about so many different aspects of your business.

The person who asked the question used the example of a hardware store. To that I said: How could you ever think a hardware store would be boring? You’re selling tools and items that TONS of people are passionate about. Think about it. They are the tools for people to actually make shit happen.

This is without even going into the the cultural aspects of our time right now. Construction, home renovations, and DIY are extremely popular subjects these days. You can thank Pinterest for that.

Plenty of other industries seem boring but they just aren’t.

Think of every possible aspect that your business touches, from the people to what they eat, what their hobbies are, what they talk about. Don’t box yourself into one thing. Map out all the options if that helps you even.

The way this question was phrased tells me more so about a specific mindset people need to get out of rather than the difficulty of creating content for your industry. If you think your industry is boring, shift your way of thinking. Immediately. You need to change your outlook in order to change your output. Got it?

About Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk has built businesses all his life: In his 20's, he grew his family liquor store from $3 million to $45 million in 5 years, launching, one of America's first wine e-commerce sites. In 2009, he co-founded VaynerMedia, a social-first digital agency which helps brands market in the year we live in. An angel investor and adviser to some of the most successful tech startups since social media’s early days, Gary has counseled and invested in more than 50 tech startups including Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, BirchBox, Uber and Venmo. In 2014, Gary launched $25 million seed fund VaynerRSE to continue his successful investing career.

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