This is a guest post from Jay Baer — social media and content strategist and author of “Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype.” See the original post this is adapted from and more like it on his Convince & Convert blog.

If you run a professional services firm, these are 10 rules to live by.

Recently, my friend Chris Johnson sent me a terrific email. Chris runs a company called Simplifilm, that makes terrific online videos, explainer videos, and trailers. He did the trailer for my book, “Youtility,” among other things. Chris is really trying to build a special organization at Simplifilm, and he sent me this list of 10 rules that he uses in his company, and he gave me permission to share those with you.

If you run a professional services firm, whether it’s a consulting company like mine or Chris’, an accounting firm, a doctor’s office, if you’re a lawyer, a financial planner, anything along those lines, if you do construction, if you make swimming pools, this will work for you.

1. When something is said to one person, it is said to the whole company. Clients should never have to repeat themselves.

2. Clients should never have to quality control anything. It should be right before the client gets it.

3. The client never has to ask where their project is. They are told proactively where their project is on a daily basis. (Simplifilm is amazing at this)

4. Client communications should always be acknowledged.

5. The client should never have to resend anything.

6. The client’s time is the most valuable resource. Never waste it.

7. Do what’s right for the client and share what’s worked for other clients.

8. Clients need gestures of respect at all times. (I really like this one)

9. Clients never need to hear how hard you’ve worked. Every project should seem effortless.

10. Don’t seek gratitude for work delivered. After all, you’re just doing your job.

About Jay Baer

Jay Baer helps businesspeople fundamentally rethink their approach to marketing, resulting in soaring attention, increased sales, and newfound customer loyalty and advocacy. He is a hype-free social media and content strategist and speaker, and author of "Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype." Jay is the founder of Convince & Convert and host of the Social Pros podcast.

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