Work in word of mouth every day: is hiring and our sister brand are growing quickly, and we need some smart people to help us keep it up.

We’ve got positions at all levels available, including:

  • Community managers
  • A writer
  • A designer
  • Office administrators
  • Membership recruiting

…and a whole bunch more. Full list is here.

We’ve worked hard to create a culture free of politics and whiners, and we’re looking for more smart, talented, fun, and hardworking people to join us. This is our philosophy (more here):

  1. Build something fantastic. Create something that makes everyone stand up and clap. Be able to shout to the world, “I made THAT and it is GREAT.”
  2. Build something that has meaning. You spend most of your waking life at work. It is vital that you do something that enhances yourself and society on a higher level. Add value to your life, not your wallet. The money will follow.
  3. Work should be fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you should find something else to do. No job is worth suffering for. We probably have another job at this company that you would enjoy more. Ask for it.
  4. Never a boring minute. Everything we do has a purpose. Every day, every task (however small or horrible) is a part of that mission. If you see a boring task that seems to have no purpose, try to understand the purpose. If we can’t find a purpose together, we’ll kill the task. Life is too short for unnecessary garbage.
  5. Assholes sometimes get rich and famous. We shall not become assholes.
  6. People are more important than things, rules, or money. Take care of people first. Everything else will follow.
  7. Office politics are forbidden. Backstabbing, taking credit for the work of others, promoting personal agendas over the common good, foot-dragging, whining, gossiping, complaining, mean-spiritedness, pettiness, self-importance, and egotism are behaviors of small-minded people. You deserve a workspace free of people who do these things. We will fire them.
  8. Your health and family are more important than your job.
  9. Sometimes you do better work after you take a break. Overwork clouds the mind and prevents you from doing what you want to do.
  10. Making mistakes is good. That is how you learn. Take responsibility for them, fix them, then move on. Don’t cry over spilled milk.
  11. Making the same mistake twice is bad.
  12. The boss is often wrong. Teach him why for all our sakes.
  13. There is a better way to do everything. We will find it.
  14. We don’t care how everyone else does it. If you want to do it like they do it, go work for them. We will do it better here.
  15. We deal honestly and up front on everything. No exceptions.
  16. We only deal with honest people. When a deal smells fishy, we walk away. There will always be another one.
  17. Don’t do good deals with bad people. Don’t do bad deals with anybody.
  18. We work for the good of the group. We rise and fall together. People who try to promote their self-interests over those of the group will fail miserably. Those who work together win.

If we sound like a team you’d like to join, check out our openings and send us a resume. We’d love to meet you.

And don’t forget to tell a talented friend!


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  1. chris frerecks

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I agree with all of this.

  2. Tracey

    This is the most refreshing office policy I’ve ever read. Will you marry me?

  3. Tracey

    Also, when you either: a) hire telecommuting writers, or b) open a satellite in the NY/NJ area, please give me a shout.

  4. Tracey

    I am retracting my last statement as I have thoroughly read through your employee expectations and company vision, and I completely understand why you don’t use telecommuters. Keep doing that voodoo you do!

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