Word of Mouth Tip #91: Give them something silly, remarkable, or surprising

The serious stuff is hard to share — even for your biggest fans. But if they think something will make their friends smile, it gives them a great excuse to pass it along.

Regardless of your industry, your business, or your brand, there is always some room for silly, remarkable, or surprising elements. Done right, these features become word of mouth carriers for your core message and, when forwarded, can take the serious stuff along for the ride.

How a word of mouth supergenius does it:

Odds are, if you try calling the Nestle Crunch Hotline (1-800-295-0051) right now, you’ll get a busy tone.

It’s not that they poorly staff their call center, it’s that they’re getting inundated with tons of calls — all for a good laugh.

When you first dial in, you’re initially greeted with the usual English and Spanish language options. But if you hold on long enough, you get a third option: Pig Latin.

It’s tough for even the most fluent Pig Latin speaker to understand, but as you navigate through the phone tree, you find options for things like “knock knock” jokes and the chance to listen to strange sounds.

At the end of the recording, callers are invited to check out Nestle’s ForTheKidInYou.com.


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  1. Paul Sullivan

    Agreed – though the key is execution. Not sure getting a busy tone, leads to a remarkable experience. In my case, I called, was immediately hit with a nauseating audio commercial which was followed by “we didn’t understand your response, please try calling Nestle again” CLICK.

    Word of mouth works both ways – telling people about a remarkable experience and telling them about a disappointing experience. Put me down for the latter.

  2. Heidi Richards Mooney

    So true! I had not heard about the Nesle phone lines. so glad I found your site. Will certainly share it with my readers.

    Anything Quirky and fun is worth looking into.

    Great blog…

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Author ~ Quirky Marketing Calendar: 365 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditonal Holidays.

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