Word of Mouth Tip #151: Go the extra mile

Companies who consistently go out of their way on behalf of their customers are the ones everyone loves to talk about.

More than stunts, fancy website widgets, the latest social media tools, or sophisticated marketing techniques — a dedication to delivering amazing experiences for your customers is still the best way to earn real word of mouth. Great service will never go out of style.

How a word of mouth marketing supergenius does it:

Ramon De Leon — a true word of mouth supergenius — loves going above and beyond for his customers. Ramon manages seven Chicago-area Domino’s locations, and is always looking for an opportunity to deliver a “WOW” experience.

One of the most famous examples of Ramon going the extra mile is when an upset customer posted a tweet about how her pizza arrived an hour late and — when it finally showed up — was the wrong pizza.

Ramon responded, promising to make it up to her and sent her this video (which has since been embedded 87,000 times):

Learn more: Social Media Examiner


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  1. Tim Sanchez

    I’m sure the customer appreciated the rebate and apology, but the video seems like more of an advertisement than anything else. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the addresses of his six other Domino’s.

    Perhaps I’m being too critical; the video seems to have generated great WOM for him and his business, but…

    Does a genuine apology to a single customer really need a public audience?

  2. Cale

    Yo Tim, I hear you — but what I think is worth reiterating here is that for Ramon, this isn’t a gimmick or a one-off stunt. This is how he strives to treat every customer.

    And no, I don’t think anyone would argue that every apology should be made a public showing. But it’s worth noting that the complaint Ramon responded to here originated in public (on Twitter).

    And what may seem like an ad to the outside world came off as a sincere apology to the customer — and I think that’s the measurement that counts.

    This strategy certainly won’t win everyone over — none do. But what Ramon has done for Domino’s in Chicago (a city overloaded with pizza) is impressive.

    I encourage you to check out that link under the video from the Social Media Examiner. They have a great analysis of it all.

    Cale Johnson
    GasPedal | Editor

  3. Tim Sanchez

    Good points Cale. I think he’s being genuine, it just seems a little over the top for my tastes.
    I especially agree with your point about being successful with Domino’s in Chicago. It’s probably different living there (especially in the burbs), but I’m pretty sure Domino’s would be last on my list when looking for a good slice in Chicago.

  4. Mike

    I got to agree with Tim and then some. I don’t know how this got 87 embeds, like alone 87 thousand.

    Do that in private and it’s customer service if you keep the hours and address of it, but posting that online is a commercial.

    He was very successful with it, but I’m not impressed with it.

    Kind of reminds me of someone donating to charity but calling the press to get coverage.

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