WOM Tip #405: Make fixing your mistakes a big deal

Negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it presents a great opportunity to do something remarkable for your customers.

For example, when Chef Boyardee got rid of their cans with pop-top lids to save a little money, they didn’t realize it would be such a disappointment to their fans. But after bringing back the pop-top lids, Chef Boyardee didn’t stay quiet about it.

Chef Boyardee created an entire campaign by reaching out to fans on social media and sending them cans of ravioli. They even made a hashtag, #poptopsareback.

It may seem like an insignificant change to their product, but to their customers, it was a big deal. Most companies wouldn’t draw attention to a mistake like this. Chef Boyardee listened, made it right, and then made a big deal about earning back those fans. That’s how you earn loyal customers and word of mouth.


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  1. joe

    If Chef Boyardee really cared equally about the welfare of their customers as they do about profit then they would stop making products that are so unhealthy. 1400mg sodium in one can? For something as simple as Ravioli which involves 3 things: meat, pouch and sauce, why are there over 40 ingredients? As soon as a company puts more thought into how they can make more money than how they can provide a proper product/service they become a threat to us and should be shut down.

  2. Marvin

    When Chef Boyardee’s customers began to care equally about their own welfare, then, perhaps, Chef Boyardee will produce a less “unhealthy” product.

    But, more importantly, how do you know that Chef Boyardee doesn’t really care? Do you work there? Have they shared their sentiments with you, personally?

    Or are you just another elitist/activist who thinks he knows what’s right for yourself and EVERYBODY else?

    For the rest of us, we will read the article for what it attempted to teach us about marketing.

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