You might not consider billing as a great place to start earning word of mouth. After all, what’s there to talk about? Customers send in a payment, you send them a receipt, and the transaction’s done.

But if you’re Sports Illustrated, billing is a great opportunity to earn a loyal fan. When one subscriber overpaid by a penny, the magazine offered him a deal: They could keep the extra penny and send him an extra issue or cut him a check if he preferred it.

Which one do you think the subscriber took?

The time and effort it would have taken to refund him a penny would have been close to the value of just tacking on another issue. That means this move was not only nice, but also budget-friendly.

Are you watching out for these subtle opportunities to step in and make someone’s day?


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  1. Rob

    That is great! It could’ve been even better if she would have made a few more personal changes to the form letter. Very nice effort either way.

  2. Bridgette Cude

    Thanks, Rob!

    -Bridgette at

  3. Susan

    The letter contains typos in the first sentence (you rather than your) and in the second paragraph ( issues(s) ). Had I been that customer, I would have found the letter impersonal and ridiculous.

  4. Bridgette Cude

    Good point, Susan! And while I agree they could have been more grammatically correct, I still think it’s the thought that counts here.

    -Bridgette at

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