Sanuk proves a Facebook page doesn’t have to be complicated

Sanuk FacebookYour Facebook page doesn’t have to be complicated to earn a bunch of fans and inspire lots of interaction.

Sanuk, proud makers of “funky, functional shoes,” has about as simple of a fan page as you can make, yet they’ve got nearly 6,000 of the most active Facebook fans we’ve seen. Here’s how they make it work:

  • Every Monday, Sanuk hosts a “Most Humorous Weekly Caption” contest by simply posting a photo and asking people to respond for the chance to win a free pair of shoes (and getting hundreds of responses)
  • Sanuk actively responds to posts on their fan page wall by answering questions, being open to feedback, and just generally sharing their personality
  • They link to it in a big way from their brand’s homepage (and promise that it’s fun to join)

And they’re doing it all without a fancy design skin or lots of complicated widgets.

The Lesson: Facebook is one of the best networks to quickly grow your fan base because it’s so easy for fans to quickly share your stuff with all of their friends. As Sanuk demonstrates, it doesn’t require a ton of resources on your part, just a little fun and a commitment to engaging the fans that take the time to comment.


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  1. intersection1

    Sanuk proves a Facebook page doesn’t have to be complicated

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  2. CodrutaMoga

    Add a little fun and people might join, here’s a simple Fanpage with active fans

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  3. afslocalization

    Use Facebook to build your fan base. It’s fun and easy to do:

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  4. Besrat Solomon

    Great article with valid points, and thanks for sharing. The main challenge there is in this industry is the idea of trying to sell inbound marketing and social media to small businesses. I have worked with several small business owners, and have found that most do not keep an open mind to the endless possibilities that this might bring to their business. They are more resistant to whole idea and the main challenge is to sell the idea to the business owners. Nevertheless once they see the true power of inbound marketing they will be the greatest advocates of it.

    This comment was originally posted on Internet Marketing Blog

  5. Toni Anicic

    Made the top 5 again, weeee 🙂 Love Eric Enge’s ideas in the article about web references. It brings up lots of questions on what is considered a brand. If you have a domain name that actually means something (obviously lots of domains do, for the SEO reasons), how could a search engine tell if someone is talking about – for example – "cool shirts" or is referring to your website ""?

    This comment was originally posted on Internet Marketing Blog

  6. Missy Stanisz

    HubSpot continues to be a major resource for me and my work at PentaVision. They always provide relevant, timely and valuable information. Thanks again for another great article!

    This comment was originally posted on Internet Marketing Blog

  7. octopusgrabbus

    You folks do a good job, because you have interesting topics, don’t take yourselves so seriously that you’re stuffy; and you have senses of humor. And in the words of legendary attorney Dane M. Schulman, "That’s That."

    This comment was originally posted on Internet Marketing Blog

  8. Scott Yoder

    Yes, SEO and inbound marketing appear to be morphing into one and the same. I specialize in SEO Copywriting and I’m starting a freelance business, but I realize that you must understand where the copy lives and relate its sales purpose to the inbound marketing "package". It’s more involved and also more complete.

    This comment was originally posted on Internet Marketing Blog

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