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What we do, what we believe


We want to teach the world to blog. And use social media. And be really great at word of mouth marketing.


Why? Because companies that understand this stuff are more open, transparent, honest, and kind. Because companies that learn to get people talking (and learn to talk back) are better businesses. We’re about one big idea: Companies that make people happy are more successful.


Businesses everywhere are beginning to realize that this is the one and only secret to success. They are building a future where honest, ethical customer love is the most powerful kind of marketing. They are learning to listen, to obsess over customer experience, to treat people like people, to value values, to respect the environment, to be part of the community. To be nice.


We believe that this is good for society … and it’s a profitable business strategy. Companies that get their customers for free through the power of word of mouth have a fundamental competitive advantage over those that use expensive marketing to chase fleeing customers. Smart companies reinvest those savings in service, support, and innovation — making them unstoppable with even more word of mouth.


Our readers/fans/customers are smart people who are changing things. They’re improving the relationship between businesses and consumers.


GasPedal teaches them how to do it. We help people and companies become word of mouth marketing supergeniuses.


Our hands-on practical advice is easy to execute, affordable, and delivers measurable results in 60 days. We create conferences, communities, content, and consulting for those who want to change their companies (and, maybe, the world). We help them make people happy.


Join us!


GasPedal is a dream job if you are interested in blogs, social media, word of mouth or the future of marketing. You won’t just be reading about the visionaries. You’ll be working with them to make the future more ethical and effective. Stop talking about this stuff — do something about it.


We are a creative team who loves to innovate, so you’ll have lots of opportunity to do interesting things. Our employee handbook has a few simple rules: No office politics. No jerks. Real personal growth. And a guarantee that you will never again have a single boring day at work.


Read our stuff. Send us a resume. Make a difference.



  1. Jordan Zavaleta

    Alex is a wonderful and highly reputable man. He is a great person to work with and easy to get along with. Not only is he creative, but he is very focused and business oriented. He knows how to keep busy, while keeping it fun. He did a phenomenal job on promoting a dance party event he was working on and it was amazing how well the word got out. I would love to work with him again.

  2. Howard Liu

    As the president of a fraternity, I have work with Alex Pyatetsky in the past on creating social events for a large amount of attendess. What Alex has delivered not just a classy and quality environment, but also an upbeat social atmosphere. I would highly recommend you to hire Alex as he is one of the best I have seen when it comes to planning a large event and more importantly not does he have the ability, he also has a strong work ethic, and high motivation to deliver the best of the best.

  3. Yoni

    I really wanted to apply for this job. That is until I heard Alex (Xander) Pyatetsky had his heart set on it.

    It’s not enough to say the kid is pure, uncut dope. His work with the Hip Hop Congress puts that argument to rest.

    It may also not be enough to point out the joy he gets from being in the know about the latest Web 2.0 and social media happenings.

    It should however, be enough to say that I believe enough in Xander to (at no benefit to myself) recommend his aptitude, attitude, and energy on the interwebs, for his benefit, and for yours.

  4. David Weisburd

    I recommend Alex if you are looking for someone with an out of the box thinking capacity and an emphasis on getting things done.

    David Weisburd

  5. Gopi Sangha

    Alex would be an amazing candidate for your Event Producer position. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him over these last 3 years helping to coordinate Hip Hop Congress on a national level. Alex was a rockstar in our organization, chapters from across the nation’s looked up to him and his chapters events & accomplishment.

    For Alex, multi-tasking isn’t a skill its a personality trait, and Web 2.0 comes second nature. He and I constantly bounce ideas off each other in regards to new media marketing, and I feel he’s one of them most valuable resources I have online.

    If your looking for an individual that extremely motivated, creative & a critical thinker, then your search is just about over. Alex would be perfect for this job.

    Gopi Sangha
    Event Coordinator
    East of LA Ent.

  6. Floyd D. Hobson

    I believe that a great candidate for an event producer for your company would be a good friend of mine by the name of Alex Pyatetsky. I have known Alex for three years of my college tenure, and he has provided great services to the Indiana University’s premiere social programming system called the Union Board, as well as provided many entertainment services for my fraternity Phi Beta Sigma. He is a hard worker and is willing to learn on the job, as well as has a very acceptable personality conducive to a fast-paced working environment.

    I believe that by hiring Mr. Pyatetsky, you can absolutely be assured you get the best bang for your buck.

    -Floyd D. Hobson

  7. Nick Samaro

    Hire Alex! He has put on some of the best events bloomington has seen. He is a great organizer and knows how to get the word out about his events so Hire Alez!

  8. Andrés

    This man certainly deserves this job. I’ve been to several of Alex’s events and every one of them was a positive experience in large part due to Alex’s involvement. He has a great talent not only for organizing large events, but also for maintaining a positive, tasteful atmosphere during the event and ensuring that as many people as possible are having a blast. He is a true professional and genuine individual who understands the importance of not only the logistical aspects in organizing an event, but also the human component.

  9. Karina Grabovsky

    Alex is an asset to any organization. He is one of those few individuals that has an innate ability to draw others towards him. Also in his favor are his work ethic and drive. He strives to be the best in all he does. Hire this guy before someone else does. I look forward to knowing him 50 years from now.

  10. Vladimir Kroshinsky

    2 words: mover & shaker. Alex Pyatetsky definitely has the ability to make things happen.

  11. Elena Izakson

    I hear you are considering Alex Pyatetsky for the Event Producer position – I hope you get an opportunity to hire him. He is motivated and spirited, passionate and diligent, on top of the social media wave and has great potential. He’d be great in this role.

  12. Ralph Richards

    Alex Pyatetsky is a passionate worker and will spice up the office.
    He has a beautiful way of doing things.

  13. Dan Coleman

    Alex is one of the few people in town who actually backs up the promoter bs that gets slung around. Be it house party or ful on dance club, he gets the word out and the people through the door.

  14. John Kearney

    Alex is a great guy and knows the music scene in Chicago like John McCain knows what it feels like to be old. He has some wicked dance moves too if you’re lucky enough to see them.

    He was a pleasure to work with and an all around great guy.

  15. Marcy Fridman

    I have known Alex Pyatetsky for over 10 years and in that time, he has developed more insight and clever analytical thinking then anyone I know in the field of promotions and productions. He is beyond capable and brings not only creativity, but a true passion for the industry.

  16. U Ta Looi

    Alex Pyatesky is one amazing individual. He has such an innate ability to host and coordinate events and parties.

    His entrepreneurial spirit allows him to bring out such creativity and originality to the things he does!

  17. David Canmann

    Alex Pyatetsky knows how to get a job done. I have never met someone more committed and convincing when it comes to word of mouth hype production. He will make your organization a success.

  18. Colin Rebey

    Not only is Alex a great friend of mine, he is also a business partner for a dance party that we run in Bloomington. Since met Alex, I realized that he was determined to go above and beyond in making his events a unique experience that everyone would talk about. He is a down to earth business man that is out to achieve his goals and help everyone to enjoy themselves no matter what the situation is. If you are looking for a go-getter and an innovator look no further than Alex Pyatetsky .

  19. ken chen

    Alex Pyatetsky was born to be an event producer.


    His ideas, hair, finger nails, shoes, creativity, and honesty is always next level and will change the world

  20. Mike Gurevich

    I know Alex for a long period of time and I can assert that he is a very smart and energetic professional with great personality and integrity.

  21. mike yang

    Event management and execution is Alex’s natural environment. He has a lot of experience and very much fits the job description. Very good at creating buzz and coolness, just look at the consistent turn out to his events! People listen when alex speaks. Organized, highly motivated, natural communicator, smart thinking, good listener, naturally likable. I recommend not missing out on such talent.

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