36 fantastic tweets from Word of Mouth Supergenius

We are amazed by all of the ideas shared at Word of Mouth Supergenius throughout the day’s 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant author sessions. (Live coverage available here.)

A big thanks to everyone who came and helped make the event so fantastic — and an extra thanks to those who shared so many great takeaways via Twitter. We’re highlighting 36 of our favorites here, but there are plenty more great here on Twitter.

  1. danbaird2000 Favorite quote from #supergenius “Be the change you want, or react to the change you don’t.” –Hugh
  2. shaifranklin Paull Young @charitywater: “An 8 yr-old girl can go out and tell the story better than I ever could.” #supergenius
  3. lbbinc stacey kane talking about the “firefighters of fun,” ppl at the company who stop you from doing things fun #supergenius
  4. nwjerseyliz #Supergenius Interesting to hear from Dell that their private users group is both “ravers” and “ranters” (people who liked & disliked Dell)
  5. mumby Visitors are 3x more likely to purchase after reading reviews -ester lauder #supergenius
  6. beehivepr Incredible success measurements for Gevalia as told by Dana Vogel, great social media merged with direct marketing story #supergenius
  7. woodwardcarrie I keep thinking the guitar guy is going to bust out the “free credit report.com” jingle. #supergenius
  8. Backbone_Media “You’re not what you say your brand is, you’re what people say you are..” @ramon_deleon #supergenius
  9. TaraNahrup Makers Mark shares brand ambassador team guiding principles (reinforce ownership, empower, be interesting and reactive) #supergenius
  10. jettemomant recognize that ur friends (consumers) really own the brand. Reinforce their ownership. From Todd Spencer. Makers Mark #supergenius
  11. fitsngiggles Great tip: Keep it special. It’s human nature to want things that seem hard to get #supergenius
  12. shaifranklin Todd Spencer @doeanderson: Exceeding expectations is a FULL-TIME job. #supergenius
  13. mandaleebee Recurring #supergenius theme: @toddspencer: Treat your consumers/customers/etc as friends. Reinforce their sense of ownership in your brand.
  14. OttoPilotMedia Customer service should be your primary investment for word of mouth marketing. #supergenius
  15. David_Rogers “Advertising is the cost of being boring.” — T-shirt at Word of Mouth #Supergenius
  16. adamstjohn Hsieh aka @zappos “ppl may not remember what you did or said, but they will remember how you made them feel”. #supergenius
  17. mariayava @marteeeen: Small is the new huge. Do something boring and make it amazing. Join bobsled team, or join Jamaican bobsled team! #supergenius
  18. daryllang Really fun marketing ideas in presentation by the WindsorONE lumber company. Favorite: Baseball card-style business cards. #Supergenius
  19. greggweiss “Social media fire can only be put out with social media water” @Ramon_DeLeon of Domino’s Pizza #supergenius
  20. danavan ALWAYS give a tell-a-friend form with simple messaging + made in USA! Make WOM EASY! (Windsor One) #supergenius
  21. DesignLinesLtd Every company should do this. RT @gibsondm Don’t make your core values just a meaningless plaque on the wall. -@zappos #supergenius
  22. thebrandbuilder Having a higher purpose than profits or being #1 in marketplace ironically creates both of these outcomes. – @zappos #supergenius
  23. TaraNahrup @briansolis says content no longer king. Now it’s CONTEXT #supergenius
  24. DrewNeisser “Don’t try to boil the ocean, start small” says @jbernoff on social media #forrester #supergenius
  25. LindsayLebresco We have IT recovery systems, why don’t we have Customer recovery systems? Via Jeanne Bliss #SuperGenius
  26. samdecker WOM words: relevance, resonance, salience, context, authenticity, credibility, connectedness, love, responsive. #supergenius
  27. DanessaMyricks Powerful and true! RT @candidcomments: Give your readers the chance to really interact with you. Open up the two-way dialogue. #supergenius
  28. pgillin Gen Mills’ Witt on blogger rltns: 1.Be authentic 2.Identify yourself 3.Reveal intentions 4. Follow FTC/WOMMA guidelines #supergenius
  29. lbbinc brendan hart – Tracking & testing drives content & promotions strategy. Developing voice is key to building loyal followers #supergenius
  30. tamar feedback is your guide to being awesome #supergenius
  31. johnfschneider Memorable quote RT @ckieff: #supergenius Andy Sernovitz: “The difference between honesty and sleazery is disclosure.”
  32. Agent94_ “Social moves faster than corporate.” Lindsay Lebresco, #supergenius
  33. lmarino Call centers seek to minimize interaction with customers – wrong approach. Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction #supergenius
  34. SuziCraig Awesome insight from @rohitbhargava ala Ogivily. “A great story is entertainment. A shareable story is retold.” #supergenius
  35. AndreaMoe Execute extraordinary experiences everyday. @saulcolt said that! 😉 #supergenius
  36. womel But I have to say, the office is just not as fun as #Supergeniusis. I wish every day could be a #supergenius day!

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  1. Derek Sawchuk

    Great post and great idea!
    I had a blast at the conference and can’t wait until then next one.

  2. Cale Johnson

    Thanks Derek! Glad to hear it sounds like you had as much fun attending as we did hosting it.

    See you at the next one!

    GasPedal Editor

  3. Tim Smith

    Great tips here!

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