3-Minute WOM Lesson: What to remember when you’re tired, frustrated, and burnt-out

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Fighting the good fight as a word of mouth marketer can be hard work. From time to time you’re bound to feel exhausted. And when you do, here’s what to remember:

1> You’re making your company better
2> You’re making the customer experience better
3> You’re making the world better

1> You’re making your company better

Genuine word of mouth means a commitment to honest and ethical business. It means treating everyone with respect, it means embracing transparency, and it means getting everyone involved. Every inch you take toward these ideals makes your company — from top to bottom — a little better.

2> You’re making the customer experience better

As customers, we love companies that work to earn our respect and recommendation. Even in the smallest ways, we’re amazed by the little extras, the friendly gestures, and the things that make us smile. These moments are too rare, and they can make all the difference for an unsuspecting customer.

3> You’re making the world better

No matter how exhausting the work may get, know this: Your efforts to spread the fundamentals of word of mouth are making the world a better place. All of your hard work raises the bar for everyone else in your industry — it makes it that much harder for everyone else to get away with a lack of transparency, with treating customers poorly, and with questionable business ethics. The world needs more people like you.


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  1. mary gardner

    I love this message of ethics, even when business gets hard. It is always hard…but being true to yourself and your business is so key…so critical…I llke Jessica’s message of hope and strength and helping each other succeed.

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