3-Minute WOM Lesson: How to get people talking about your new product

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Having a new product, service, widget, or gadget is a great opportunity to create a lot of word of mouth — both for the short term and for the long haul. How to get started:

1. Get fans involved early
2. Make them apply to try it
3. Let them invite a few friends

1. Get fans involved early

The earlier you get your talkers involved in the development of your product, the more they’ll have invested when you finally go live. This is where beta testing, customer collaboration, and even pre-orders can do wonders. Giving fans the ability to help you early on means you’ll create better products and earn more word of mouth at the same time.

2. Make them apply to try it

If everyone can get their hands on your new thing, you’re missing out on a core reason to talk. That’s why a simple barrier to entry — like asking fans to “apply” (however strict your process may be) or going through a waiting period — can be so powerful. However you do it, remember: It’s not about adding unnecessary complications, it’s about creating a feeling of exclusivity.

3. Let them invite a few friends

Your happy customers are better at selling your new products than you are. Once you’ve got a few early users, give them a few limited invites, coupon codes, extra samples, or secret passwords to let them introduce you to a few friends. By giving them the power to unveil your new thing to the world, you instantly give these talkers status and motivation.


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  1. Virtual Agents

    Those are simply great tips, it’s really hard to promote your product specially when you are just starting. This post will surely helps.

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