3-Minute WOM Lesson: 3 types of content people love to share

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Different types of content work better at getting people talking. A few categories for you to explore:

1> Guides, tutorials, and tips
2> Drafts and outtakes
3> Lists

1> Guides, tutorials, and tips

Create content that helps people do things better. Try case studies, guides, blueprints, tutorials, tips, and hints that your fans can put to use (the WD-40 fan club is legendary for their tips and tricks). Not only will your talkers appreciate the content, but it has the added bonus of making them look good when they forward it on.

2> Drafts and outtakes

Content doesn’t have to be polished to get shared. Your talkers would love to see your rough cuts, beta releases, and early drafts. To get an idea of how easy this can be, check out the outtakes from Electronic Arts’ promo for The Sims Medieval starring actor Donald Faison — the clip has more than 100,000 views.

3> Lists

Lists get people talking. They can be educational, controversial, and fun. There are a million ways to pull this off, but one of our favorites is GMAC’s list of the nation’s “most knowledgeable drivers” which grabs headlines and starts office rivalries every year.


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  1. Jeff Faldalen

    Thank you for a great article. I appreciate it when
    ever someone gives people ideas of how they
    can express themselves.

    In my experience, this is one of the hardest stumbling
    blocks people have is coming up with ideas to create content.

    Little do they realize, it is in our uniqueness that gives us the
    ability to share whatever in a one of a kind way

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Faldalen

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